Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Always Performs Maximum on Stage

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Who doesn’t know Stray Kids ? All the members always give a total appearance on stage.
Especially Bang Chan who always gives his best on stage. Not only does he give his best for performances but also his amazing voice and dance is always displayed by him.

Bang Chan has always been the belle of his fans. They don’t want to give fake stuff, including the facial care products they use.

As is known, Stray Kids has been the brand ambassador for Nacific, a skin care brand from South Korea, since September 6, 2021. Nacific is a skin care line from the Ginseng Country which was formerly known as Natural Pacific.

Here are tips from Bang Chan, represented by the CEO of Abillkorea Co Ltd, Kim Hyung Min, to avoid fake care products.

“The first is the holographic seal. The easiest way to identify it is by the holographic seal on the top of the Nacific product box. Be sure to check the seal attached to the top of the box is intact and not damaged. Apart from identifying the authenticity of the product, this seal is also useful to check the quality of the product, that the product you received is new and has not been opened. If the seal you get is damaged, it is better not to accept it, because it is possible that the quality of the product is not guaranteed,” opened Kim Hyung Min in the statement received.

Not only that, there are also manufacturing labels and BPOM barcodes. Make sure to always check on the side of the box, there is a manufacturing information label and a barcode that you can scan using your cellphone. When scanned, the BPOM code number will appear and you can enter the code on the BPOM website.

“The third is print quality. Physically, the print quality of the original Nacific product writing is sharper. The color of the original Nacific product box is also brighter than the fake one,” he continued.

The fourth aroma of the product is also important to always pay attention to. For the fifth, the packaging side must always be considered in maintaining quality.