Steal the Attention, 5 Differences Squid Game with Other Survival Movies


The Korean drama Squid Game fever is in fact not over. This popular series is widely discussed among the audience, both in South Korea and the world. Not surprisingly, this drama has become a popular show on the Netflix streaming platform until now.

Actually, speaking of survival game shows , many dramas or films have that theme. However, Squid Game itself has an attraction that makes it different from shows with other survival themes . Where is the difference? Check out the full review below.


1. Player character of his own choice
For those who have watched, surely you know the beginning of the participants participating in this deadly game? As at the beginning of the story, all the players are faced with their own desire to join this game.

This is what distinguishes it from other survival dramas or films . Because, usually characters are forced to follow a game. However, in the Squid Game, the players participate of their own accord, even though their lives are at stake.

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2. Have a message with deep meaning
Hwang Dong Hyuk, as the director explained that Squid Game has a theme that not many people are aware of. He said the participants who took part in the game would compete with each other to win, even if they had to risk their lives.

The competition that occurs also symbolizes capitalism in modern times as it is now. Moreover, it is associated with a fantastic amount of money.

Not only that, deep messages were inserted, such as concern for others, friendship, trust, and betrayal contained in Squid Game . What lesson or message did you get after watching this drama?


3. Lifting children’s games
The most striking difference from this Squid Game is that it raises a lot of children’s games in South Korea. As is known, nowadays childhood games are rarely done because they are all modern, especially with the existence of gadgets.

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This drama is actually about children’s games, such as red lights, green lights, d dakji , marbles, and so on. This is what makes the difference, especially since survival shows usually feature games that prioritize technology.


4. The emotional side of the interesting players
Usually, a drama or film will highlight the characters of the main players. However, in Squid Game the players look the same and have an emotional bond with each other.

As is known, Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo are the main characters of this series. Despite his prominent role, the characters played by other players, such as Wi Ha Joon, Jung Ho Yeon, and Heo Sung Tae, remain in the spotlight in this series. Each has its own story.

5. Aesthetic design and color
Impressions survival deadly identical to the set location creepy and suspenseful. However, in the Squid Game, the audience will be amazed by the visuals of the location shown.

There is an aesthetic design, for example a pink maze that becomes a game arena. There is also the location of the frontman character, which is predominantly black, but looks very elegant. There is also a luxurious VIP gathering place.

This difference is one of the attractions of Squid Game and opens the viewer’s perspective on survival game shows . For those who have watched it, what do you think? Write your impressions in the comments column, yes!