Starring Kim Hye Soo, Netflix’s New Drama ‘Juvenile Justice’ Gets Much Talk


The Netflix Original Drama, ‘Juvenile Justice‘ Has Stolen The Attention Of Viewers After It Was Released On Friday (25/2). Starting From The Storyline To Kim Hye Soo’s Acting, There Is A Lot Of Talk.

The drama ‘ Juvenile Justice ‘ starring Kim Hye Soo received a lot of attention from viewers shortly after its release. Telling the story of a juvenile delinquency trial, this drama was released on the Netflix streaming platform on Friday (25/2).

“Juvenile Justice” raises the issue where crimes committed by teenagers are getting more violent as time goes on. However, juvenile offenders are usually not given serious sentences.

The storyline of “Juvenile Justice” centers on Shim Eun Seok (Kim Hye Soo) an elite judge who seems unfriendly to others and hates juvenile crime. While assigned to the local juvenile court, Shim Eun Seok breaks the custom of acquitting minors for crimes and devises his own way of punishing them.

This legal-themed drama but centered on juvenile delinquency has become a hot topic of discussion and has received much praise from viewers. They think that this drama exploits the character’s psychology well to the point of touching the audience’s feelings. Moreover, Kim Hye Soo’s acting here is also considered impressive.

“A good drama, I only watched the first 2 episodes but I really felt the victim’s pain was so real and the scriptwriter managed to tickle the viewers’ frustration. The situation is like an ordinary crime drama, but the psychological analysis is convincing. You have to watch it,” commented a viewer.

“This drama is similar to one of the Korean webtoons, which is also about people who rely on minors to kill and oppress others. Both the webtoon and the drama are good,” said another viewer. The language is not too special like ‘ Law School ‘ but the important thing is to exploit the psychology of the character, the cast is too good. Overall, 9/10,” continued another.

“Kim Hye Soo is amazing, I can see her credibility just by looking at her face. This drama is very good even though I only watched 1 episode,” said one viewer. “Hye Soo unnie’s image is very similar to the time in ‘ Signal ‘ but rest assured, she is very new and extraordinary, everyone,” said another.

Meanwhile, “Juvenile Justice” is directed by Hong Jong Chan who has worked on ” Her Private Live ” and writer Kim Min Seok. This drama is summarized in 10 episodes, all of which can be watched on Netflix.

Kim Hye Soo’s Acting Ability In ‘Juvenile Justice’ Surprised Lee Sung Min, Why?

While Attending The ‘Juvenile Justice’ Press Conference , Lee Sung Min Revealed His Experience Working With Kim Hye Soo. Here’s The Full Narrative.

The event was attended by the director and the main cast, including Kim Hye Soo and Lee Sung Min .

The series became a hot topic because it stars a number of top actors including Kim Hye Soo, Kim Moo Yeol , Lee Sung Min and Lee Jung Eun .

During the press conference, Kim Hye Soo confessed that she was very excited while filming this drama. His sincerity in acting even surprised Lee Sung Min. I felt pressured but had high expectations.”

It felt like I was working with an actress who just debuted (because she was so passionate).”

In response to this, Kim Hye Soo said, “I think I have a constant interest in juvenile crime. But while I was preparing for this job, I had to listen to the true thoughts of the judges and find some real cases.”

“And I realized that my interest was just the tip of the iceberg. Even the interest itself was narrow-minded. I felt my interest was nothing more than anger or remorse for juvenile crime and emotional criticism of the verdict. He asked, “Is this matter only about children?

“Whose problem is that, and what kind of responsibility should I have as an adult? What kind of responsibility should society have?” he concluded.

Meanwhile, “Juvenile Justice” will be released by Netflix on February 25.