Stand aside, Doctor Strange! The dark and unknown Marvel horror film available for streaming


Before starting with today’s recommendation, a warning should be made: ‘Man-Thing. The Nature of Fear’, the 2005 film that you can see on Filmin ( only in a dubbed version , unfortunately) is not suitable for all palates. It is a Marvel character, it is a Marvel movie, but it is a production that failed at the box office (four million budget, one gross) and was massacred by critics. The lack of means of him is perceived in each shot and yet … he has something.

Or else we wouldn’t bring her here, right? It was shot by Marvel Studios after a deal they reached with Artisan Entertainment in the year 200. It was an important indie production company that had hits like ‘Reservoir Dogs’, ‘Pi’ or ‘The Blair Witch Project’ in its portfolio. . But Artisan went bankrupt and the only movies that came out of the deal were Thomas Jane’s ‘The Punisher’ and this ‘Man-Thing.’

In fact, this film was born as a very modest project that would go direct to video, but superheroic cinema blossomed with films like ‘Blade’ (1998), ‘ X-Men ‘ (2000) and ‘ Spider-Man ‘ (2002), and was given theatrical distribution with disastrous results. A shame, because in its direct-to-video niche it would have worked perfectly, and it has the quality of being the only pure horror Marvel movie.

Based on a comic created in 1971 by Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway and cartoonist Gray Morrow -a couple of years ahead of DC’s Swamp Thing-, the film tells us how a series of mysterious murders in the swamps of Louisiana they are linked to a creature attached to the sacred lands of Native Americans. A new sheriff will investigate the crimes and the role played by a sinister businessman in the area.

Despite its very low budget and some excesses with digital effects (its director, Brett Leonard, had shot ‘The Lawnmower’ and ‘Virtuosity’ a few years earlier), ‘Man-Thing’ is a brutal film brimming with body horror , gore and practical effects . The vegetative nature of the creature makes kills appear to be carried out by living trees and zombie vegetation, and there is a whole array of hilarious surreal and wacky effects.

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And that’s not all: also the scenarios, limited and clearly artificial, work in favor of the claustrophobia of the story. In short, an entertainment that is certainly not appropriate for those looking for pure entertainment, but for fans of the B-series genre who know how to understand that superheroes are not just luxury, capes and glitter. Perfect for a double feature with DC Universe ‘s also great ‘ Swamp Thing ‘ series.