Squid Game Star Jung Ho Yeon Becomes the Most Popular Korean Actress on Instagram


Jung Ho Yeon’s number of followers on Instagram has continued to climb since the Squid Game exploded.

Monday (4/10/2021) yesterday, it was reported that he shifted Song Hye Kyo’s position as the number two Korean actress with the most followers on this social media. In just a matter of hours after the news circulated, Jung Ho Yeon had occupied the position of champion.

Reporting from Allkpop , Tuesday (5/10/2021), as of Monday at 5:30 pm Korean time, Lee Dong Hwi’s lover has 12.98 million followers.

Slide Lee Sung Kyung
He shifted the position of actress Lee Sung Kyung who previously was in first place with 12.96 million fans.

Song Hye Kyo who is in third place, has 12 million followers.

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From 400 Thousand
The growth in the number of Jung Ho Yeon’s followers is indeed impressive. Before Squid Game premiered on September 17, the number of followers was only around 400 thousand.

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Just Made Instagram
Recently, the existence of Squid Game stars on Instagram has attracted attention. Apart from Jung Ho Yeon, Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo also entered the news regarding this social media.

These two stars finally made Instagram after a long career.

Welcomed by Jung Ho Yeon
The two actors compactly uploaded a selfie as the first upload, which was warmly welcomed by Jung Ho Yeon.

” Yes !!

To Park Hae Soo, he wrote, ” Finally !”

Squid Game Star Jung Ho Yeon Moves Song Hye Kyo to 2nd Most Followed Korean Actress on Instagram

Since Squid Game aired last September 17, the number of followers of Jung Ho Yeon on Instagram has skyrocketed.

Before this Korean drama aired, the number of followers was “only” around 400 thousand. But now, about two weeks after Netflix released Squid Game , the number has shot up to 12.6 million followers.

Now, Lee Dong Hwi’s lover has even overtaken Song Hye Kyo as the Korean actress with the most Instagram followers, reported Soompi , Monday (4/10/2021).

Shadowing Lee Sung Kyung
When this article was written, Song Hye Kyo herself has 12 million followers.

The first order of Korean actresses with the most followers is Lee Sung Kyung, but it is not impossible that this “throne” will later be handed over to Jung Ho Yeon. The difference between the two actresses’ followers is getting closer, with Lee Sung Kyung having 12.9 million fans.

Finally Make Instagram

Speaking of Instagram, the two main actors of this series, Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo, also recently opened this social media account.

Both uploads are both dated October 2 last. Lee Jung Jae used the account name @from_jjlee, while his partner chose the username @haesoopark_official.

Compact Upload Selfie

Senior actor Lee Jung Jae shared a selfie photo as his first upload.

” Is this… how do you do it?

Like Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo also uploaded a selfie.

“I also participate! This is Park Hae Soo,” wrote the man who had just become a father.

Welcomed by Jung Ho Yeon

In these two “new kid” uploads on Instagram, Jung Ho Yeon gave a rousing welcome.


To Park Hae Soo, he wrote, ” Finally!”