Squid Game Shows Real Phone Number, Owner Terrorized by Thousands of Calls


Korean drama fans have been excited about the Squid Game lately . In a number of countries, including Indonesia, this Netflix drama even ranks first in the daily list of shows on the platform.

It’s just that there is one person who indirectly becomes a victim of the Squid Game.

Reporting from Koreaboo , Friday (9/24/2021), this person is the owner of the phone number that was shown in the drama starring Park Hae Soo and Lee Jung Jae.

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No Area Code
In Squid Game , the organizer of this deadly game distributes a business card to potential participants. There is a telephone number on this business card.

Generally, TV shows obscure the four numbers in the middle or end of a phone number. But in the case of Squid Game , what is covered is the first three numbers which are the area codes. For Seoul, for example, the number is 010.

Meanwhile, if eight digits are displayed without the area code number, the phone number can be connected automatically if the caller is in the same area.

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Squid Game

Number Used 10 Years
The owner of the number was disturbed because the number was called back and forth by unknown people.

“After Squid Game aired, I was receiving incessant calls and text messages, 24 hours a day seven days a week, to the point that I was having a hard time going about my day. This is a number I’ve been using for over 10 years, so I was really shocked, ‘ this person told Money Today.

Thousands of Calls
He added, “There are more than 4,000 numbers that I have to delete from my cell phone [call records]. People call me day and night out of curiosity, my cell phone battery drains and eventually dies. At first I didn’t know why, but my friend said my number appeared in the Squid Game , and finally from here I realized.”

Violation of the Law
This omission is likely to have fatal consequences, because sharing someone’s personal information is a violation of the law.

It is said that Netflix and the production team of this drama, Siren Pictures, have not been contacted by the media. However Netflix representatives made a statement that they will look into the issue and work to resolve it.

5 Variety of Games in the Original Squid Game Series Have Many Benefits

Lately, social media has been busy discussing the South Korean series that airs on Netflix, Squid Game . The nine-episode series continues to attract the attention of the world community with a theme that is somewhat different from most other Korean dramas.

In addition to starring top actors and actresses, Squid Game also has a unique storyline, which is inspired by a number of traditional South Korean games that are often played.

Squid Game is about a ‘sadistic’ game with a life stake that provides a fantastic prize of 45.6 billion won. It was followed by 456 participants with various life problems.

In each game, it will also be shown how friendship and trust in each other is tested.

Apart from the sadistic storyline, it turns out that the games contained in the Squid Game have their own meaning. The game has holistic benefits to train motor skills, sensory, and also social interaction.

Here are 5 games in ‘ Squid Game ‘ and their benefits.
1. Red Light Green Light
One of the main games in Squid Game is the game ‘Red Light, Green Light’ which appears in episode one. The rules of this game, the participants must not move when the big doll turns towards him.

In the original game, one person served as a guard, and was tasked with punishing the others if they didn’t freeze (stop) when the sentence ‘red light’.

When the word ‘green light’, other participants may move closer to the guard and stop when the sentence ‘red light’ is said.

This game can help train the level of concentration and speed.

2. Dalgona
In this game, each player is asked to cut a pattern that has been printed on the cotton candy with the help of one needle, namely triangles, circles, stars, and umbrellas, without destroying the shape of the prints.

Although it sounds simple, this game turns out to be quite difficult to do and requires precision, patience, and creativity to complete.

3. Tug of War
This one game may already be familiar among Indonesian people. Games similar to traditional Indonesian games are often held to celebrate independence day.

The difference is, Squid Game makes this game large-scale and very deadly at high altitudes.

Each team must pull the rope with its members to drag the opposing team. And, the flags must cross the center line in order for them to be declared the winner.

This game can not only rely on cohesiveness and physical strength, but also group strategy in order to unite the physical strength of the players.

4. Marbles
Next, there is a game of marbles.

In the drama, the surviving participant is required to form a team with another player. However, his partner was not his teammate. But their enemy.

Each participant is given 10 marbles and individually must take turns and seize the opponent’s 10 marbles by any means without violence.

In the game of marbles, honesty and individuality are at stake. This game also trains the player’s motor and thinking skills, social skills, as well as accuracy and thoroughness.

5. Squid Games
Another traditional South Korean game that emerges as the most difficult game is the Squid Game . This game is not much different from the traditional Indonesian game of gobak sodor, where the rules of the game are that players act as attackers and defenses.