‘Squid Game’ Director Opens Up About Allegations Of Japanese Film Plagiarism


A Number Of Online Communities Claim That ‘Squid Game’ Is Similar To The Japanese Film ‘As The God’s Will’ Which Was Released In 2014. There Are Two Similar Games From The Two.

Netflix finally released ” Squid Game ” on Friday (17/9). The series with a total of 9 episodes immediately caught the public’s attention. However, once it was released, netizens highlighted the resemblance of “Squid Game” to a Japanese film.

A number of online communities stated that “Squid Game” is similar to the Japanese film ” As the God’s Will ” which was released in 2014. In particular, suspicion deepens from the first episode when the characters are brought in to play the first game.

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In the first game in “Squid Game”, the participants were brought to play the game Mugunghwa Flower has Bloomed , which is a Korean version of the children’s game, What time is it, Mr. Wolf? . But seeker is a creepy looking doll that will shoot any contestant it catches.

“As the God’s Will” also has a scary looking doll playing the same game in which any student caught red-handed will be killed. In addition, netizens also highlighted similar tug-of-war games in the two projects.

This plagiarism suspicion has actually appeared since the “Squid Game” teaser was released. Director Hwang Dong Hyuk has also spoken about this at a press conference on September 15. He explained how the process of “Squid Game” was first written until it was produced.

After filming my debut work in 2008, I went to many manga and manhwa bookstores. I saw a lot of survival stories so I thought it would be interesting if this genre was reinvented in a Korean way, said director Hwang Dong Hyuk.

Director Hwang Dong continued, I finished the script in 2009 but I was told that it wouldn’t work because the story was cruel and the genre was unknown to the public at the time. I couldn’t get investment or casting because the project was difficult to understand. So I stopped preparing for it. Hyuk.

While we were filming, I heard that it was similar to ‘As the Gods Will.’ But the first game was the game Mugunghwa Flower has Bloomed since I wrote the script in 2009. That is the only coincidental similarity and has nothing to do with the film. I’m not copying anyone. I’m actually going to be the first since writing that back then, concluded director Hwang Dong Hyuk.

Netflix Series 'Squid Game' Turns Concern in the Real World, Here's Why

Netflix Series ‘Squid Game’ Turns Concern In The Real World, Here’s Why

Along With The Release Of Photos Of The ‘Squid Game’ Scene, Director Hwang Dong Hyuk Also Revealed The Reason For Creating This Series. What Is The Full Narrative?

Recently director Hwang Dong Hyuk talked about naming the Netflix series ” Squid Game “. This is in line with the release of photos of the serial scene.

“Squid Game” is a new drama about a mysterious survival game with a prize pool of 45.6 billion won (approximately Rp. 575 billion).

But they eventually realized there was a lot more at stake than simply accepting the prize money. Because they could have died during the game.

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In the newly released scene photos, the cast can realistically depict the survival game. Actors of all ages, genders and nationalities are able to skillfully express the dilemmas and sorrows of their characters.

In addition, the masked administrators also represent a hierarchical society. The mysterious figure is also tasked with controlling the contestants to maintain the balance of the extreme game.

Along with the release, director Hwang Dong Hyuk revealed the reason for giving the series the title “Squid Game”. He admitted that he was inspired by the squid game which was popular in the 70s and 80s.

Squid games are known as simple but competitive and violent games because they have a lot of physical elements. This is a game where the attacker and the defender play face to face on the images of circles, triangles and squares to form a squid.

Apart from that, director Hwang Dong Hyuk explained that this series is a form of concern for the extreme competition of today’s society. He even called the game “Squid Game” a mini version of the real world.

Director Hwang Dong Hyuk explained, I decided to use the name of this game as the title after seeing everyone, living in the capitalistic era, being driven away by extreme competition.

He continued, This game is a mini version of the outside world. I transferred the competition that takes place in the real world into the game exactly as it is.

On the other hand, Lee Jung Jae revealed the terrible atmosphere on the set. He explained, The game was fun during the first shoot. But the fear felt while filming was on another scale.

Meanwhile, “Squid Game” will be released on Netflix on September 17th. The series is only intended for adults because it is categorized as 19+ in terms of theme, gender, violence and language.