Spy X Family Season 1 Review

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“Spy x Family” is one of the popular anime in 2022. Just like most anime in general, this comedy anime is based on the manga by Tatsuya Endo. This anime was developed by Wit Studio and CloverWorks. “Spy x Family” is the 9th ranked anime in the 2022 Anime of the Year list based on the Anime Trending Awards. Under “Chainsaw Man” at 8th and above “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” at 10th.

In order to maintain peace between Westalis and Ostania, a secret agent with the code ‘Twilight’ gets a mission to dig up information from Donovan Desmond, leader of the National Unity Party in Ostania.

Unlike the previous missions, this time Twilight gets a long-term mission called Operation Strix. Twilight had to build an Ostanian family under a new identity as the Loid Forger. He also adopted a child named Anya and married an Ostaian woman, Yor. Then enroll Anya in a respected school where Donovan Desmond’s child also attends.

Having to appear as a perfect and harmonious family, each member of the Forger family turns out to be hiding their identity from each other. But at least Anya could read the thoughts of her adoptive parents.

Spy x Family Season 1

Formation of the Forger Family that Immediately Makes Your Heart Fall
The audience will witness the maximum excitement of the plot from Anya Forger as a child who has the ability to read minds. It is undeniable that Anya has become a popular character following the success of “Spy x Family”, which released Part I in April 2022. Instead of helping the smooth operation of Operation Ostrix, Anya’s strength only helps the audience not to be blind to the secretive situation of the Forger family.

Loid Forger becomes a cool spy agent, both as a father figure and as an ace agent who is shrewd in carrying out missions. Then Yor becomes a female character with multiple personas that makes us fall in love even more. Deadly and sadistic while doing his secret job as an assassin. However, she is very kind and becomes a protective adoptive mother for Anya while living her normal life.

The interaction between the first three characters manages to make us support the Forger family. Even sadness feels like it is haunting us; what will happen in the future when Operation Strix is completed? For now, let’s just enjoy the excitement and hardships of Loid Forger being an impromptu father and husband.


Part I Presents the Most Perfect Pacing
“Spy x Family” Season 1 Part I has the most perfect plot pacing in the release of the first season. So the reason why this anime is trending right away when Part I airs. Most comedy anime are too focused on comedy elements with very dragging plot developments. But the first episode of Part I immediately captivates with Twilight’s presentation as an action-packed agent and her first mission with Anya.

Not only in the first episode, new episodes that are released every week keep the pace. That’s why “Spy x Family” is trending and is always looked forward to every week. There are always new memorable missions every episode. Starting from finding the perfect wife candidate, preparing Anya to be accepted at the destination school, to trying Anya to become an Imperial Schoolar.

Not only does the comedic scenario stand out, each mission in each episode also influences the development of Operation Ostrix. The appearance of the match in Part I was also superior in execution.


Completely Changed To Gag Anime Entering Part II
Unfortunately, “Spy x Family” suddenly changed its pace entering Part II. It’s like forgetting the action scenario, comedy material becomes too dominating. It’s funny to see Anya and Yor getting more sloppy and looking ridiculous, but it actually makes this anime that was initially special turn into just an ordinary gag anime. I don’t know if it’s not yet the time, but Yor’s arc as a sadistic assassin is not progressing anywhere.

In addition to the gag humor scenario, there is a romantic comedy plot starting with the joining of Nightfall aka Fiona, junior Loid Forger from the same spy agency. With the increasing number of comedic scenarios presented in Part II, our audience feels even more disoriented about Operation Strix. Every mission carried out by Loid and Yor is increasingly random and nothing more than funny. It’s only just entering the final episode that Operation Strix is back on track. Finally, overall the development of the main plot in “Spy x Family” Part II is very small. Then we have to wait for the next season.

“Spy x Family” is an action comedy anime with an interesting setting and character formation. Part I presents pacing that makes the audience impatient for the next episode. While Part II has little development of the main plot, each episode is only filled with gag humor which at least remains entertaining.