Spy X Family Episode 12 Spoiler: Here’s Anya Forger’s Secret Mission

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One of the trailers for Spy X Family episode 12. | Source: Capture Laya via: YouTube Muse Indonesia

Spy X Family episode 11 which was released last Saturday told how Anya Forger managed to get her first stela star. Anya manages to save the life of a drowning child.

It was thanks to his services that he finally became the first grade 1 student to receive a Stella star. In the episode, Anya asks Loid Forger for a dog gift for her success in getting the stella.

On the other hand, there are plenty of dogs out there that have been trained to be live bombs in the Ostania and Westalis ministerial meetings.

Interestingly, one of the dogs there could see into the future and he knew he would be adopted by Anya. https://zenodo.org/communities/xem-phim-em-va-trinh-mie-phi/?page=1&size=20 So how does the story continue?

In this article, here I will review Spy X Family episode 12 spoilers . This episode will be the last in the first season. Here’s the review.

Yesterday’s 11th episode adopted the Spy X Family manga chapters 16 and 17. Of course, episode 12 will adapt manga chapter 18.

However, in the official leak this is not the case. The trailer for episode 12 will still finish the rest of chapter 15.

Supposedly for yesterday’s episode 10 chapter 15 finished. However, instead of adding a filer so that the rest of chapter 15 becomes part of the 12th episode later.

For episode 12 later we have been given an idea that Anya will visit the penguin park.

It is said that Anya was playing with stuffed lions and penguins at home. Anya acts as a spy and her two puppets are subordinates.

Anya then took the doll around the house. Anya shows every detail of the house. Anya then calls Loid Forger an agent papa who can do anything.

Anya then appoints Yor as Mama’s agent who is only good at fighting. Anya acted as if she was a spy introducing the base to her subordinates.

However, suddenly Anya was scolded by Loid for entering a forbidden room. https://zenodo.org/communities/em-va-trinh-xem-mien-phi-viet/?page=1&size=20  Of course in that room there are Yor and Loid weapons. So, Anya is strictly prohibited from going there.

It turned out that Loid’s anger made Anya cry and hate Loid and Yor. Anya even threatened to run away.

Feeling guilty, Loid and Yor finally pretended to act as penguin agents and robot agents. The three then played spies on the street in front of the house.

Suddenly the action of the three invites everyone’s laughter. Even so, people feel that this fake family is very harmonious and harmonious because they want to play with their children even though they look ridiculous in the eyes of people.

Referring to chapter 15, Anya and Franky will follow Loid and Yor’s first date. They both act like spies.

Obviously the presence of Anya and Franky stalking was noticed quickly by Loid Forger. On the other hand, the reason Loid asked Yor on a date was because Loid felt guilty for leaving Yor’s groceries so he came home a bit late.

Plus Yor’s expression is not good. Even though Yor had just completed the mission to kill him. One of the victims was still alive and managed to shoot Yor in the buttocks.

Loid seems to be running out of ways because Yor looks gloomy on a date. Even though he was holding back the pain in his ass. Long story short, Yor and Loid eat together at a restaurant.

It turns out that the waiter at the restaurant is the one who shot Yor long ago and intends to take revenge. He then gave Yor a poisoned drink.

Yor actually managed to recover and the pain in the buttocks disappeared. In the end, they both enjoyed their meal happily.

Apparently the guy just wanted to make a bomb and kill Yor. Suddenly Anya, who knew about it, tried to stop her.

Long story short, Anya with her detective style was able to stop the bombing and the perpetrator finally repented.

Yor and Loid are so happy with their first date. https://zenodo.org/communities/em-va-trinh-vietsub-mienphi-phi/?page=1&size=20 Yor even asked Loid for another date another time.

When he got home, the effects of the poison Yor had drunk were gone. His ass hurt again and his expression became annoying. Suddenly Loid gave up because he couldn’t understand Yor.

That’s the leak of the last episode of Spy X Family. However, it is possible that in episode 12 later it will take a story outside the manga like the beginning of episode 10 yesterday.

This can be seen from some footage of episode 12 that is not in the manga. So, episode 12 will feature the rest of chapter 15 plus stories outside of the manga.