Spy Classroom Anime Coming Soon


Following the success of the popular light novel series Spy Classroom, the worldwide adaptation of the anime version is coming soon. The news was shared during the Fantasia Bunko Online Festival, last weekend.

The festival, which is broadcast on Kadokawa’s YouTube channel, also announced that Studio Feel will produce it.

According to various sources, Sora Amamiya and Yuichiro Umehara will fill in for the characters Lily and Klaus. The anime will be directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi and designed by Sumie Kinoshita.

Another adaptation was made into a manga version by Kaname Seu and published in Media Factory’s Comic Alive Magazine.

Another short story series is also being worked on from Spy Classroom which won the 32nd Fantasia Bunko award.

Yen Press licensed the light novel into English. Two volumes were successfully translated, and the third volume will be released on May 17, 2022.

Spy Classroom tells the story of after a devastating military conflict, nations are at war in the shadows. An unusual spy, named Klaus, never fails at his job.

He built a team to take on the Impossible mission- one with a more than 90 percent chance of failure.

However, his chosen members all failed with no practical experience. They have to use every trick in the book (and some that don’t) to prove they are capable of completing the task!

Lily, a beautiful white-haired girl is a student from an institution that trains young people to be spies. Unfortunately, despite getting good marks in the written exam, he only managed to pass the practice.

He is also offered the opportunity to join the mysterious team “Tomoshibi” and take part in the Impossible Mission.