Spider-Man: when Zendaya saved Tom Holland from a failed stunt


Tom Holland and Zendaya have told how a poorly executed stunt by the interpreter of Peter Parker was caught up by the actress on the set of “Spider-Man: No Way Home”.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is one of the box office records of recent years, marking the third Spider-Man adventure played by Tom Holland . In this new opus, the character of MJ ( Zendaya ) is gaining importance on the screen and obviously… has gained some during the filming!

Indeed, the actress has allowed her playmate to avoid falling during the realization of a stunt. At the beginning of the film, their characters have to go from roof to roof thanks to a line of canvas from the superhero and the rest is told by Zendaya, guest of the Graham Norton Show :

Spider-Man has to make us fly until we get to a bridge. (…) He’s supposed to gently put MJ down on the deck and walk away. And because of our size difference, we weren’t on the same level. (…) We were attached and I landed before him, because my feet touched the ground before him!

And it’s Tom Holland who ends the anecdote, explaining the problem:

“When you’re doing stunts there’s something called the ‘low mark’ which is designed to keep you from destroying your kneecaps. So Zendaya had to land and I’m the superhero, I’m supposed to be the one which looks cool. She was coming and I was supposed to come [straight] but my feet were slipping and she was picking me up like this [see image below] and I was hearing ‘CUT!'”

The image of the film vs what it looked like on set

In Spider-Man: No Way Home, the friendly neighborhood hero is unmasked and can no longer separate his normal life from his heavy superhero responsibilities. When he asks Doctor Strange for help, the stakes become even more dangerous, as many supervillains from other universes come face to face with Peter.....

Thanks to its clever mix of nostalgia, fan service and novelty, the feature film allowed Sony and Marvel Studios to share $ 1.9 billion in revenue. No Way Home thus became the third-best Marvel box office behind  Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame .......