Spider-Man Theory: This Character Is The Only One Peter Parker Remembers After No Way Home


Peter Parker asked Doctor Strange to complete his spell at the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home . As a result, everyone now forgets who he is. However, a recent theory states, the spell doesn’t work for everyone. There is still at least one person who remembers and knows that Peter is Spider-Man. Spider-Man: No Way Home tells the story of Peter who is dizzy after his identity as Spider-Man is revealed by Mysterio at the end of Far From Home . Wanting to solve the problem, he goes to see Doctor Strange. He asked the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) wizard to cast a spell so that everyone would forget that Peter was Spider-Man.

However, while Strange was casting a spell, Peter continued to intervene. The spell also failed. Multiverse opens. Enemies from another Spider-Man universe enter the main universe of the MCU. Everything got messed up. Luckily, Peter gets help from another universe Spider-Man. At the end of the story, Peter, who has lost his Aunt May, asks Strange to complete his spell without intervention.

At the end of No Way Home , Peter tries to meet MJ and explain everything. But MJ, as well as Ned, didn’t know Peter at all. He even had to take an exam to get into university. Peter Parker as if never existed in the world. Meanwhile, Spider-Man continues to operate as a superhero. Now, a Reddit user, jrfoster01, says, there is one MCU hero who is not affected by Strange’s spell. He is Wong. This means, Wong is the only person in the MCU who potentially knows who Peter is.

This theory is not without foundation. It dates back to the beginning of No Way Home when Peter goes to Strange to recite the spell. Wong overheard their chatter as he was about to return to Kamar-Taj. At that time, Wong forbade Strange not to cast the spell. According to the theory, it was the moment when Wong was no longer part of the spell. To quote CBR , it’s important to remember that the spell has been changed several times, even when it was first cast. In fact, Strange said that the spell was changed 6 times. But, Peter corrected his statement and said he only changed the spell 5 times.

So, actually, both people could be equally right. Strange might add Wong while Peter only thinks about the people he cares about. However, although this theory is inaccurate, there is also the fact that Wong has become one of the most important people in the universe because he is the Great Magician. As the supreme authority in Kamar-Taj, it was natural for Wong to know whatever was going on in the wizarding world and that it might violate the laws of nature. Like the Ancient One, that meant he would know whatever was going on under his roof. Hence, Strange asks Wong’s permission so he can fulfill Peter’s request.

While Wong’s request not to be involved in the spell could be taken as a breeze, there are other perspectives to consider. As a Great Magician, there may be regulations forbidding magicians from binding Kamar-Taj to cast spells that could affect the Great Witch’s perception. However, since the rules were very clear, it could be said that the Great Sorceress was unaffected by the spell. Compared to Strange, Wong is a forward-thinking mage. It could mean he had stepped up his guard to protect himself. And, since it was his job to remind Peter that he wasn’t alone, it could explain why Wong didn’t rush to find him and help him.

Wong doesn’t seem to be free from the spell at the end of No Way Home. However, even if he were to be released, it would be a call to Peter because the other heroes he met and idolized didn’t help him like Tony Stark or Stephen Strange. That can add to his distrust of them, like Spider-Man in the comics in his early years. This will lead to Spider-Man being more of a solo hero.