Andrew Garfield has revealed that his presence in Atlanta on the set of Spider-Man: No Way Home had been revealed by a courier who had delivered him food on the evening of his arrival.

Andrew Garfield confirmed the sighting in Atlanta that sparked speculation about his presence in Spider-Man: No Way Home .
The actor, host of the Happy Sad Confused podcast , revealed the details of the not particularly positive meeting that got the DoorDash courier in trouble .

Speaking of what happened, Andrew Garfield said: ” It was my first night in Atlanta and I was with two of my best friends, one of whom is in The Walking Dead, which is filmed there, and we are in this house where they have me. I ordered food delivered, so we stayed home. It was literally my first night there, I had to wear a protective mask everywhere, because Covid cases were numerous. I had to wear a hat. Nobody had to know I was there and I had to not get noticed “.

However, the situation took an unexpected turn when their order arrived. as the Spider-Man: No Way Home star revealed : ” This guy comes to the door, he looks like a nice guy. I open the door and I had my mask and my hat, and I thank him. And he says’ yo, yo , yo, I have to see a document. ‘And I reacted surprised. He repeated’ I have to see your document ‘. I thought’ No food delivery service has ever asked me for a document. This is an interesting thing. ‘ ” .

The interaction then continued in a somewhat complicated way: ” Plus it was really close to the door and I was thinking that I had to go to the set the next day and I didn’t want to risk blocking a Marvel production during a pandemic. I then said ‘ Sure, just a second. Sorry to take a few steps backwards for COVID and all. ‘And it does and I say’ Sorry, man, why do you have to see my ID? ‘.’ Because I can check it’s you . ‘”
Andrew continued: ” First my DoorDash account is not in my name and he says’ Yes, because you ordered alcohol. ‘I replied’ No, I didn’t order alcohol. I didn’t ask for anything alcohol, man. I ordered. of tacos’ “.

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Andrew Garfield recalled that the courier later revealed online that he had delivered food to him, stating that he was also rude: ” I wasn’t. I asked to keep the social distance, but obviously I upset him and didn’t want to. I apologize for anything I may have perceived as rude. I don’t know, but whoever you are I know what you were doing. You were cunning and you tested me that night . ”

The person who gave him the order wrote online that Garfield had been rude after asking him for an ID, having to deliver alcohol, and his account was then deactivated. Andrew Garfield’s presence was therefore confirmed on January 21, 2021, months after filming began that kicked off in October.