Spencer’s Review (2021): Diana Stewart’s Great Look


This Spencer review contains no SPOIER at all.

For those of us who grew up in the mid 80’s or early to late 90’s, of course we know very well that the life story of Diana Spencer aka Princess Diana, is always interesting for us to follow.

Starting from the affair of her husband, Prince Charles with Camilla Parker, his rebellious nature with the royal family, to of course his hot affair scandal with Dodi Al Fayed which caused the death of the two in 1997.

There have been many film adaptations

Once again, because of his very interesting life story, it is not surprising that we all feel excited every time we hear the release of his biopic. Whether it’s set in any era or whoever the cast is, just as long as it’s about Diana , we automatically want to watch it.

This includes hearing and watching the Spencer trailer . Although basically not 100% of the true story ( real-life ), we still want to watch the film directed by Pablo Larrain ( Jackie ).

The desire to witness was even more passionate when he saw Kristen Stewrat ( Personal Shopper ) who became his The Princess of Wales . Yes, who would have thought that a Kristen Stewart would play Diana?

But yes, in the end, Stewart was officially cast . We as the audience, now can only watch and judge. However, if we look at the reviews from various media and YouTubers, they actually give a lot of praise to Stewart’s performance.

Seeing this, we are automatically curious. Is Stewart really that cool in performance? And does this also indicate that Spencer is one of the best films of 2021? Come on, just look at the following Spencer review .

Diana Who Is Stressed With Government Life

For those of you who may not have watched the trailer or received any spoilers from Spencer , of course you will think that this film focuses on the plot before his death with Al Fayed.

Well , unfortunately Spencer doesn’t focus on the plot. Instead, this film is set in December 1991. Specifically, when Diana’s marriage to Charles (Jack Farthing) is no longer so compatible.

This is because at that time the affair scandal between Charles and Camilla Parker (Emma Darwall-Smith), had been fully exposed. Now because of this factor, it’s not surprising that he began to feel uncomfortable with both Charles, and the entire royal family.

This is made worse by the lack of freedom or the many rules and regulations that he must obey.

Like, always have to get an escort or approval from the kingdom if you want to leave either Buckingham Palace or the Sandringham Estate. Wearing clothes that the kingdom has determined, as well as other super binding rules.

Even in the atmosphere leading up to the Christmas celebrations, he experienced and felt the discomfort. As a result, it is not surprising that Diana wanted to quickly leave Charles and his entire family.

But to pass his intention, of course, is not as easy as he thought. Moreover, the princess also has to think about her two young children: Prince William (Jack Nielen) and Prince Harry (Freddie Spry).

It’s even more difficult when he’s mentally unwell too. The princess often has extreme hallucinations in which one of them wants to kill her own life. Based on this fact, then, will he finally be able to get out of his royal life?

The Princess’s Suppositional Fable

As we read at the beginning of this Spencer review paragraph , the film whose script is the fruit of the pen of Steven Knight ( Peaky Blinders ), is not 100% pure biopic.

As the beginning of the film also shows us, this story is a fable. That is, this film is indeed based on the true story of the princess’s life, but the actual events they “made up again.

Even as I said, this film uses a presupposition or “What if” scenario . However, unlike the MCU What If scenario, which clearly presupposes imaginary fantasy.

So Spencer is presupposing an imaginary scenario based on events that have occurred in the real world. How do you understand?

A Very Smooth and Plausible Suppositional Biopic Scenario

If you still don’t understand the meaning of this statement, okay, I’ll give you the gist of what it means. So Spencer basically invites us to speculate on Diana’s life during her marriage to Charles.

Also, the film invites us to imagine what if Diana at that time rebelled against all her royal rules. What if in 1990-1991 she immediately divorced Charles and returned to her old life?

What if at that time, he just ran away with Harry and William? Yes, that’s roughly the main picture of this Spencer film . Yes, let’s just say this is the widescreen version of The Crown series .

Well, we can say Knight and Larrain, are very smooth and make a lot of sense in directing this presupposition scenario. Indeed, once again Spencer ‘s story is not 100% like what happened 3 decades ago.

But both of them can present it very nicely, smooth , and make sense. So that makes us finally believe that what we are witnessing is indeed what happened 30 years ago.

The concept of a beautiful display that makes us a part of the film

In addition to the ability to write the script, another aspect that makes this film even cooler is the concept of the film’s appearance.

WOW! Or maybe rather, OH MY GOD! Whether it’s the cinematography, costume design, direction, even art direction , everything looks really beautiful. As a result, it makes us feel like we are in the home environment of his Sandringham Estate.

Especially the art direction and costumes. WOW these two aspects successfully make it look like a modern royal movie or series in general. Not to forget, the 90s tonal is also very obvious.

Now for the costumes, honestly I have to give 2 or even 15 thumbs up if necessary. GOKIL GUYS! All of the costumes that Stewart wore, exactly the same as Diana wore in her life.

Whether they’re using the original Diana costume or they’re remaking whatever it is, the costumes bring both Stewart to life as a princess and the entire film.

From all these opinions, I can predict that all of these technical aspects will be included in their respective Oscar categories at the 94th Academy Awards , 27 March 2022. The screenplay of this film can also be nominated for Best Original Screenplay .

Cool and Thrilling Scoring from Jonny Greenwood

One more technical aspect that really stands out in Spencer is his scoring . The background music for this film is created and arranged very well. So it fits perfectly with the overall tonal of the film.

I was surprised and didn’t expect it to be carried away by the film through the strains of its scoring . As a result, I was very curious about the person who composed these brilliant tones. After checking through the official Wikipedia page of this film, I was shocked to death when I found out who was responsible.

Turns out the composer was Jonny Greenwood. Feeling familiar? Just be clear. Greenwood is the guitarist for the legendary 90s alternative rock band, Radiohead. Yes, who would have thought? However, after reviewing his resume , it turns out that Greenwood has often handled film scoring .

Apart from Spencer , he has also tackled films such as: There Will Be Blood (2007), The Master (2012), and Phantom Thread (2018).

Kristen Stewart Is Princess Diana

Finally, we come to a discussion that makes you curious half to death. Yeah, how about Stewart as Lady Di ? Is all this praise and praise for his appearance really true?

For me, yes, there are 2 aspects / sides. Okay, before going into the details of the 2 aspects, let’s just take it in general first. In general, Stewart doesn’t look very much like the late princess.

But we can say that he was successful in playing this historical character. So, from 2 specific aspects, it is like this. From the aspect of the overall physical appearance and mannerism , many say that Stewart looks very much like the princess.

Well , I’m really sorry I don’t agree. I actually still see Stewart’s very distinctive temperament. Specifically, if we often pay attention, Stewart when he is talking likes to bow his head or wink while talking in a super awkward tone .

Well the temperament is still visible even though, he is already half dead to act like his character. Not bad, but if only Stewart could not display his top temperament, surely the end result would be much more convincing.

Fortunately, this aspect is not very significant effect. The 31-year-old actress at least still looks right with her Diana figure.

Oscar Stewart Class Appearance

Meanwhile, from the aspect of acting / performance, this 31-year-old actress really displays an Oscar-class performance. Stewart successfully displayed the fragility and instability of the princess at that time.

But at the same time, he also managed to show Diana’s feminine and motherly side. Oh yes, not to mention his British accent in this film is also very extraordinary. As a result, with this review, I dare to predict that Stewart can really win the best actress trophy at the upcoming 2022 Oscars.

Chemistry With Charles Which Unfortunately Wasn’t Explored Anymore

However, through this Spencer review , I can also say that the performances of the supporting actors are just as cool. Even Sally Hawkins ( The Shape of Water ) who plays the royal fashion stylist and Diana’s best friend, Maggie, also gives a super cool appearance and chemistry with Stewart.

What a shame, is Stewart’s chemistry with Farthing. It is undeniable that even though this film focuses on the figure of Diana, of course we also want to see the cool figure and chemistry between this top British Prince and Princess couple.

But maybe because of the concept and script, as a result, both of them rarely appear. But fortunately, every time there is a moment the two of them appear together, they both look very cool. Both of them are okay with acting. Even so, it could be even better.

Movies that are more suitable for those who are big fans of the princess

With all the negative and positive aspects that have been mentioned, we can say through this Spencer review that this film is a very good semi-fictional biopic. However, this film is not the best film of 2021.

However, it does not deny that Spencer is a strong candidate to take home the Oscar award and other film awards. But yeah, let’s just wait and see later.

What is clear from this Spencer review , I can say that this film might be more suitable for those who are fans of Diana or the entire British royal family.

But if you’re just casual and don’t like the drama genre , it looks like you’ll be sleepy and uncomfortable with Spencer . Okay guys , I hope this Spencer review is useful!

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