Spanish League: This is a new fact, Ansu Fati doesn’t really like being a winger

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Spanish League: This is a new fact, Ansu Fati doesn’t really like being a winger


Barcelona’s young striker, Ansu Fati has a great chance to become a center striker. This means that there will be a change in his position, which is often played as a winger at Barcelona.

A new fact has emerged, that Ansu Fati feels more comfortable playing as a center forward at Barcelona. It is known that the 19-year-old player has always been relied on in the left and right wing sectors.

Since promotion to the Barcelona senior team in the 2019/2020 season, Fati is indeed more familiar in the wing position. He often operates on the left, but can also be played on the right.

However, the player who has made 66 appearances for Barcelona until September 26, 2022, has also played as a center forward. He even had time to play it once this season, when Barcelona won 3-0 over Sevilla in Week 4 of the Spanish League this season.

Even so, the number playing as a center forward is still relatively small. According to Transfermarkt’s records, Fati has only played as a center forward in just six games.

Physical Reason

Sport reports reveal that Fati was happy to be installed as a centre-forward. Physical reasons are the underlying factor.

According to the report, playing in the attacking position would be less physically demanding. He will not be too forced to run too often.

It’s different when installed as an attacker. Ansu Fati will focus on the area around the penalty box and create a combination of games through his speed.

Not Back 100 Percent

What Fati complained about was indeed proven according to the available data. In the same report mentions, he has not been able to do 50 sprints in one game.

Even so, Barcelona prefers to hone his physical abilities. Fati is being trained in strength and endurance to improve his physical condition.

Manager Xavi Hernandez is reportedly confident of the progress his players will experience. He believes Fati can achieve the set target.

Opportunity Comparison

Fati should have played on the wing to get more playing time. If you have to comply with his desire to play in the attacking position, his playing time will be less.

On the left wing, Fati only competes with Ferran Torres. To play on the right wing is a bit difficult because there are still the names of Ousmane Dembele and Raphinha.

Meanwhile, the attacker’s position will be very difficult. Robert Lewandowski is an irreplaceable choice. After that there is still the name Memphis Depay. Strikers like Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang even had to leave because they didn’t have the confidence to compete for the core position with Lewandowski.