Spanish League: Real Madrid Fence Vinicius Jr at Exorbitant Prices


RealMadrid now has a new mainstay player, namely Vinicus Jr. The Brazilian player who is called the successor to Cristiano Ronaldo’s success, and makes El Real will do everything in his power to defend him from the target of other teams.

There is information circulating about the process of extending Vinicius Junior’s contract at Real Madrid . El Real’s management reportedly wants to put a big release clause in the winger’s new contract.

This season Vinicius Jr. has become a new idol for Real Madrid fans. He has shown a very good sharpness since being handled by Carlo Ancelotti.

Vinicius’ slick performance began to be glimpsed by top European teams. As a result , Real Madrid took preventive steps by offering a new contract for the winger.

The ABC claims that the negotiation process is already underway. Real Madrid’s management wants to include a jumbo release clause in the winger’s new contract.

High Value Clause – According to the report, Real Madrid’s management wants to put a big release clause in Vinicius’ new contract. This step was taken to prevent the winger from being hijacked.

They know teams in Europe have good finances. So their chance to hijack Vinicius is very large.

That’s why Real Madrid’s management put a release clause of 1 billion euros in Vinicius’ new contract. So that the winger cannot be hijacked by other clubs.

Long Term Contract – The report claims that Vinicius will receive substantial compensation for the release clause.

It will be tied to a long -term contract. He will be given a six -year contract until he will defend El Real in 2027.

Later he will get a big salary increase in the Madrid squad. So El Real’s management is optimistic that the winger will survive.

Ready to stay at the Santiago Bernabeu – In a recent interview, Vinicius made it clear that he would like to continue his career longer with Real Madrid.

He thinks Real Madrid is the best club in the world. So he wants to play as long as possible with Los Blancos.