Spanish League: Dutch National Team Legend Calls Barcelona Mafia, Joins Emotions Because of Treating Frenkie de Jong


Former Dutch national team player, Rafael van der Vaart was annoyed with Barcelona ‘s treatment of Frenkie De Jong.

The former Real Madrid player admitted that he could not understand the treatment of El Blaugrana to his juniors. Barcelona are reportedly forcing De Jong to leave or he will have to accept a pay cut.

Not only that, Barcelona also still owes a deferred salary.

To The Mirror , Van der Vaart admitted that he was angry with Barcelona ‘s treatment of De Jong. He considered El Blaugrana inhumane in dealing with De Jong’s situation.

He assessed the ways that Barcelona did to get rid of De Jong like the actions carried out by the Mafia.

“They can’t treat their players like this. The way they do this is like the ways of the mafia and they should be punished for it,” he said.

It is common knowledge that Barcelona is experiencing complicated financial problems.

One of the ways that Barcelona have taken to reduce their economic burden is to sell some players who have high salaries. One of the players who became the target was Frenkie De Jong.

But De Jong has so far refused to leave because Barcelona still have a salary debt of 17 million euros to the midfielder.

Van der Vaart assesses that De Jong is not wrong in refusing to move from Barcelona. Barcelona still has a responsibility to the player.

Solve the Problem First
So instead of forcing the midfielder to move, Van der Vaart thinks it’s better for Barcelona to try to resolve their debt problem to the midfielder.

. . . . .

“Is Frenkie paid too much? That’s their risk, because they offered the contract and they agreed to it. If they have a problem, then they have to solve it well, not in a mafia way like this,” he said.

MU and Chelsea
Barcelona are currently desperate to sell De Jong to England. There are two clubs that are interested in accommodating the midfielder.

There are Manchester United and Chelsea who are reportedly interested in signing the midfielder and they are prepared to pay a high price for his services.