Space Sweeper Review The Emotional Adventures of “Space Scavengers”


Yes, Yes, Yes. We know, certainly many among you who have antipathy to first look at the poster and the trailer of Space Sweeper s . The first comment that appears must be “well, this is the Korean version of Guardian of the Galaxy”. The same thing happened to us, before BukaReview finally decided to watch this film without much expectation. Check out the review below, yes.


Have Stunning CGI
The film with CGI technology that wowed the crowd not only owned Hollywood, Space Sweeper ‘s been showing it. That South Korean films are also able to show off with visual effects that spoil the eye. Just look at the action of the Victory plane chasing (the plane used by the main characters) with a group of space guards. Or the depiction of the destroyed planet Earth. Everything is presented in detail. The visual effect doesn’t look cheap either .

Have a Strong Main Character
Usually, films that take the theme of science fiction and prioritize visuals have a problem, namely having a main character whose character is not strong enough. But not with Space Sweeper s , the film space adventures of ginseng showing the four main characters in character, Kim Tae-ho (Song Joong-ki), Captain Jang (Kim Tae-ri), Tiger Park (Jin Seon-kyu) , and a robot named Bubs (Yoo Hai-jin).

These four characters are the flight crew of Victory, who is known as the best space sweeper in the world, and all four of them have a human side that strengthens the portrayal of the characters. Kim Tae-ho, a skilled pilot, turns out to have a scar from the past that remains: his son disappeared because of his own doing. Captain Jang, the always cool captain of the plane , is a rebel with above-average intelligence. Tiger Park, who looks fierce, turns out to have a soft heart (even though he used to be a drug cartel boss). Don’t forget Bubs, an ex-military robot who dreams of becoming a girl (even though her voice is male).

Even though it looks like a dysfunctional family, the four main characters are able to create chemistry that is not cheesy (usually happens in Hollywood box office films).

Have a Solid and Not Boring Story
Even though it has a slow storyline at the beginning, and a theme that has often been used by other sci – fi films (the earth is on the verge of destruction, humans must find another place to live in outer space, and so on). In our opinion, Space Sweeper s has a solid storyline, not much ado. The introduction of the characters is done quickly and accurately, along with their past background . The storyline doesn’t seem to jump. All stories are told in a nutshell.

We have to admit. Compared to Hollywood, Korean films are better able to present an emotional drama that fits (not too much, and not cringe ). In Space Sweeper ‘s we could watch the drama through the interaction of four main characters with Dorothy / Kot-nim (boy rescued Space Sweeper in wrecks), and the inner turmoil Kim Tae-ho who always blames herself since her son disappeared.

Just a reminder, even though it’s a science fiction background. The Space Sweepers film has a more drama portion than the action portion. For us this is not a bad thing, in fact a plus point. If you want to watch a lot of action, we suggest you watch Hollywood movies.


Carrying a Message of Environmental Awareness
This film also carries a message to take care of the environment we live in gently, and not patronizing. It is said that Earth is on the verge of destruction due to pollution and natural destruction. So humans have to find new places to live, such as Planet Mars and create a space station to live in. But the search for a new place to live for humans, turned out to raise the same problem. Problems that destroy the earth: garbage and pollution (and trigger the emergence of space sweepers aka space scavengers).