South Korean Presidential Election, Korean Drama Thirty-Nine Doesn’t Air for a Week


Who’s always waiting for the broadcast of Thirty-Nine every Wednesday and Thursday night? The Korean drama, starring Son Ye-jin, is currently a favorite of many people and is stealing the attention of drama fans with its interesting story.So, it’s not surprising that the Korean drama, which has been airing since February 16, has received a high rating in each episode.

The latest news, JTBC has just officially announced that Thirty-Nine will be on hiatus for one week due to coverage of the South Korean presidential election. So the 7th and 8th episodes will be broadcast again in the next two weeks.
If it usually airs every Wednesday and Friday which next week falls on March 8 – 9, unfortunately on that date you must first take a day off to witness the exciting stories of Cha Mi-jo, Jung Chan-young, and Jang Jo-hee. The plan is that JTBC will broadcast a special broadcast that summarizes episodes 1 to 6.
Thirty-Nine will return to air as scheduled the following week, with Episode 7 airing on Wednesday March 16 at 10:30 p.m.
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Thirty-Nine itself tells the story of three women who have been friends since the age of 18 until they are almost 40 years old. At the age of 39, these three women have to face a harsh reality and unexpected circumstances in their lives.
The story of three 39-year-old women in this drama is played by three capable actresses whose acting skills don’t need to be doubted anymore. They are Son Ye-jin as Cha Mi-jo, Jeon Mi-do as Jung Chan-young, and Kim Ji-hyun as Jang Jo-hee.
This drama is arguably Son Ye-jin’s comeback debut after the last time she appeared in Crash Landing on You in 2019.