Sorry, Henry Is Increasingly Criticized For Feeling Like A Victim Of Racism In Korea


Henry Recently Received Hatred From The Korean Public For His Pro-China Behavior. The Former Super Junior-M Member Released An Apology, But It Was Increasingly Criticized.

Henry claimed he faced racism in an official apology he released via Instagram. However, Korean netizens were even more furious, saying they were criticizing him for other reasons.

Henry recently received hatred from the Korean public for his pro-China behavior. The former Super Junior-M member released an apology on Instagram on March 19.

Henry’s apology was made due to the Korean public’s reaction after he was appointed as the school violence prevention ambassador at the Mapo Police Station in Seoul on March 15.

Since Henry’s appointment as an anti-school violence ambassador, Korean netizens’ reactions have been mixed. Many netizens criticized the decision to use Henry, who has been criticized for his pro-China behavior, as the face of Korean public service activities.

There has also been criticism that the Mapo Police Station, which appointed Henry as its ambassador, is more problematic than the male singer himself. Fans cheered for Henry while many netizens believed Henry should be disqualified as an anti-violence ambassador at the school.

In the midst of a heated debate, Henry actually uses racism as an excuse. His explanation assumed that there was no problem with his words and actions, and Korean netizens criticized him for no reason.

Contrary to Henry’s statement, Korean netizens claimed to be uncomfortable not because of Henry’s “blood” (origin, blood, nationality), but his “words and actions.”

Henry, born to a father from Hong Kong and mother from Taiwan, is Canadian. And as an entertainer, his roots are “K-Pop.” Henry focused on his solo activities in Korea and China after debuting as a member of SM Entertainment’s Super Junior-M in 2008.

However, Henry made a pro-China move with the phrase, “I love China.” He also posted on his official Weibo account saying “One China.”

Subsequently, Henry appeared in a program supporting the Northwest Project of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. When the Chinese show claimed Korean culture, Henry commented, “That’s really good.”

Netizens feel Henry needs to look back at his actions that tend to provoke antipathy among Koreans before claiming that it is racism.

“It’s not because of your bloodline but because of your actions and words,” commented the netizen. “His apology makes foreigners think Koreans are racist,” added another netizen. “It’s scary how he pretends he can’t speak Korean,” concluded another.