Sonic the Hedgehog Film Review (2020) One of the Successful Game Transfers


As a SEGA original property, Sonic is still one of the most popular video games worldwide. And Sonic the Hedgehog’s struggle to shake off the stigma of film transfer from video games isn’t always smooth sailing. Like Detective Pikachu (2018) , Sonic can be said to be able to provide an entertaining spectacle even though there are some noticeable gaps.

The film opens with the story of Sonic, a small hedgehog (or hedgehog ) who has incredible speed. Hunted for his powers, he is sent to Earth through a portal made of rings. He was stranded in a small town Green Hill, and spent 10 years there. Until finally the explosion of his strength made the Pentagon look for him.

Come Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey), a genius scientist who wants to know the origin of the explosion. When he was about to escape to another planet, he was drugged by Tom Wachowski (James Marsden) who was surprised to see him. This makes Sonic lose his bag of rings. Chased by Dr. Robotnik, Wachowski also accompanies him in search of the missing ring.

Sonic asli video game
Sonic’s new, more adorable design does cover a plot that is too straight and other characters that are only divided into ‘good’ and ‘evil’.

Dr. Robotnik is described as an evil scientist who does everything he can to get what he wants. While sheriff Tom is described as a hero who always wants to help others. And Sonic’s friendship with sheriff Tom and their little bickering make for a great combination.

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Sonic’s portrayal of the ever-hurried ( well , because he’s fast?) character and incessantly ‘show-off’ is taken straight from his video games. His children’s nature and arrogance are also incorporated into the plot.

However there is a slight difference. In the film it is explained that little Sonic is guarded by an owl Longclaw. Longclaw was the one who gave a bag of gold rings that became a portal for Sonic to move from place to place. But Longclaw never existed in the Sonic universe. There’s only been an ‘old owl’ ever in the 1996 animated series Sonic.

The plot of this film is easy to understand and the story is light. Don’t rely too much on twists. What makes the plot a little “complicated” is only a little flashback at the beginning of the story, just like Deadpool 2 (2018) .

There are many jokes and references taken from the real world. To the point of mentioning The Rock’s name as President of America (the jokes are already in the trailer).

But the most attention-grabbing, of course, is the scene where Sonic is able to make everyone around him move very slowly, such as the slow-mo scene popularized by X-Man: Days of Future Past (2014) . This scene is quite interesting and explains how fast Sonic is, although it’s a little too long. Well, for children’s viewing, who cares?

Film for fans or spectators?
Social media was created in an uproar after the first trailer for the film Sonic the Hedgehog slid in cyberspace. Most Sonic fans even petitioned Paramount to improve its CGI design.

Paramount finally postponed the release date of the film and hired animator Tyson Hesse, Art Director of Sonic Mania Adventures to lead the redesign. Not only did it provide a design that was more acceptable to Sonic fans around the world, it saved the film. I don’t know what will happen if Tyson doesn’t improve the design.

It is clear how Pramount really wants to make a film that is loved by all, from die-hard fans to young audiences who are the target of this film. The story is made as light as possible, punctuated by comical action scenes, without paying attention to the misses in the scene.

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There are scenes that seem not well connected. It looks fleeting, but there are times when you can see Dr. mustache. Robotnik that splits in one scene but unites again in the next. Or an in-screen car that has a different movement than the original.

And of course, Jim Carrey performed… just like any other Jim Carrey. Explode and turn all lines and sentences into jokes. Not surprisingly, director Jeff Flower could not stem the eccentric style of this veteran actor. It’s just that it’s Jim Carrey. And the portion almost takes up the whole plot and story.

It is difficult to bring the popular iteration of the game since it was first introduced in 1991. Apart from various oddities, from the usual scenes and stories, this film is quite entertaining from beginning to end. Isn’t an enjoyable spectacle something entertaining?

Overall, the film Sonic the Hedgehog is arguably one of the best video game transfers. But Flower seems unsure where to take the focus of the story: Sonic fans or new viewers. It’s great fun for family viewing, but it might feel lacking in the whole story.