Sonic 3: a release date against Avatar 3


“Sonic 3” vs “Avatar 3”: this is the shock that will hit theaters in just over two years. Because the third opus of the saga adapted from SEGA video games will be released in France on December 18, 2024, like the James Cameron film.

On December 18, 2024, blue will be in French cinemas. Because the Na’vi of Avatar 3 will face Sonic there . The famous hedgehog born in SEGA video games will indeed be back for a third adventure on the big screen, and Paramount has chosen the end-of-year celebrations to allow him to let his speed speak.

At present, it is not yet known if Jeff Fowler , director of the first two parts, will be back behind the camera. Nor if it will again be necessary to count on  James Marsden as a human friend of the hero. But Ben Schwartz , the voice of Sonic in the American version, will undoubtedly re-enlist, as well as Idris Elba and Colleen O’Shaughnessey , respective voice actors of Knuckles and Tails......

As for Jim Carrey , the trend today is an absence of the actor, who had left the hypothesis of a retirement during the promotion of Sonic 2 . Remarks to which producers  Neal H. Moritz and  Toby Ascher reacted last May, saying that the role of Dr. Robotnik would not be recast if the actor did not pass the third.

Since the body of the big bad was not found at the end of the second opus, it would be easy for the writers to leave it out of the new plot. Especially since another opponent of the hero was revealed in the post-credits scene : Shadow, a black-haired nemesis endowed with the same speed but less inclined to do good. Regardless of the story chosen, there should be a show at the cinema for Christmas 2024.