Song We Want To Apologize – July 2022 Edition

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Oh wow, July is over and I feel like this month is really packed? We got so many releases this month and some of them are really good. I feel July might be the strongest month so far, we got a comeback from so many legends and a promising new debut. songs like Last Sequence by WJSN, VIVIZ’s Loveade, Chungha’s Sparkling (and Love Me Out Loud), Super Junior’s Mango, SF9’s Scream, STAYC’s Beautiful Monster, Test Me by Xdinary Heroes, Tan’s Walking On The Moon and Zico’s Freak have brought me . Wow that’s a lot of powerful songs and I feel like a female artist has brought summer.

However, I still have a song I really want to apologize for because I was too loud when it first came out. I think we all because we expected more and were disappointed. Still I thought Stockholm syndrome kicked in massively for me and I gave up and started listening and singing the song even with those weird lyrics. And you guessed it that the song is ITZY Shoes. *shocked voice* I must have put on my sneakers and was ready to do this. Rate me if you want, but the song isn’t even as bad as the 40 we all got to listen to. (Help me) original review: here.

Another song I’m really starting to enjoy through music shows is APINK CHOBOM’s Copycat, I like that song a bit more now but I still don’t go and look for the song in my playlist to listen to, which is why I don’t fully apologize to him. Well, that’s what July is like (which ATEEZ worked hard to finish).

Okay, no one’s surprised by Lina’s apology song from the moon that I feel and you know what, good for her. I’m really enjoying the July comeback and also getting to like the months of June even more in terms of music, it’s been a pretty solid period. Doom Du Doom from P1Harmony and Beautiful Monster from STAYC are some of my most anticipated comebacks for July and both have more than enough to keep them on my playlist. In addition to the songs that I hoped I would love and still do (Suju’s Mango, SF9’s Scream, SEVENTEEN’s _World and the entire WINNER album) there are also a few songs that catch me off guard with how much I love them and how much I keep listening to them. them – #Mood MCND, WJSN’s Last Sequence and then the most surprising for me which is Yoojung and KB’s solo song OnlyOneOf’s Begin and it’s free.

Now, I don’t think I’m quite sure the song I’m particularly sorry about will grow on me in the beginning but somehow here we are and my July choice for this part is none other than the song ENHYPEN’s Future Perfect. While their never ending Sneakers and TikToks had the opposite effect on me (even less to the tune of the song) Future Perfect ended up being a grower because of this and the live music show. The song still remains ENHYPEN’s weakest title track in my opinion, but I’ve grown to enjoy it because of its strong chorus – it quickly stuck in my head and even in my initial review I said that if I went back to the song again it would be because of this. I’m so harsh on my original review of the song simply because I’ve been totally dependent on ENHYPEN for great music and this is clearly deviating from that path. However, the song brought us a very strong performance from the group and I ended up appreciating it in a different way. Most of all, I apologize for saying the pre-chorus wasn’t that great as it ended up being one of my favorite parts. I think the bias factor kicks in here but what can I do.

Now, another song I want to apologize for even though I kind of liked it in our roundup just because they sold me this show is SEVENTEEN Leader’s Cheers. Don’t judge me. Yes, it has so much autotune in it and yes, it’s definitely a hype song to get you going, but I really listen to it when I need a kick to get moving and it’s awesome. It puts me in a good mood and although I’m aware that this is another bias factor that comes up, I don’t mind. I really enjoyed the show I linked below because it’s SEVENTEEN so their voices completely drown out the autotune – Woozi gave it his all during the final chorus and I respect that. The three of them are really cool and they seem like they enjoy doing this which makes me enjoy it even more. Also, let’s be real – Hoshi’s ass is too dancingk and I have watched every TikTok he does because it’s funny.

Overall, July was a really good month for music and gave me some great releases that I didn’t expect at all. I’m looking forward to an August comeback and I hope they will be awesome! Until then catch me listening freely until I’m fed up.