Song Kang And Park Min Young Romantic Date, ‘Forecasting Love And Weather’ Team Leaks This


Ahead Of The Airing Of The New Episode Of ‘Forecasting Love And Weather’, The Production Team Released Photos Of Song Kang And Park Min Young’s Scenes And Gave Interesting Leaks Like This.

JTBC will broadcast a new episode of ” Forecasting Love and Weather ” on Saturday (5/3) tonight. Ahead of the broadcast, the production team released several photos of new scenes to attract viewers’ attention.

In the previous episode, Jin Ha Kyung ( Park Min Young ) and Lee Si Woo ( Song Kang ) had a strange relationship due to a misunderstanding. The misunderstanding finally ended after Jin Ha Kyung understood Lee Si Woo’s pain and advised him to live together.

Based on the newly released stills, their relationship will be even cuter than before. They spend quality time outside of work and look at each other with affectionate smiles.

A pre-release video also shows Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo’s tender moments, as well as their cute bickering. That’s why viewers can look forward to the couple’s uwu moments in the upcoming episodes.

To complete the release, the production team of “Forecasting Love and Weather” also gave viewers interesting spoilers. The production team stated that there would be an unexpected story in their relationship that would be interesting to watch.

“But the weather is always changing. So, please watch the unexpected story to see if there will be other variables in the weather of their love,” concluded the production team.

Meanwhile, “Forecasting Love and Weather” has only aired six episodes and consistently achieves a stable rating with a range of 4-7 percent. The plan, this drama will end in episode 16 on April 3.

Park Min Young Allegedly Staring Angry At Song Kang On The Location Of ‘Forecasting Love And Weather’

Although It Is Not Clear What Park Min Young’s Thoughts And Expressions Were At That Time, The Entire Video Shows That The Relationship Between The Beauty And Song Kang Is Very Good.

” Forecasting Love and Weather ” always diligently uploads behind-the-scenes videos to satisfy the audience’s curiosity. However, the video released on Thursday (3/3) was busy getting debated because of Park Min Young ‘s “unexpected” behavior .

The video shows Song Kang and Lee Sung Wook concentrating on the scene in a motel room. In the “Forecasting Love and Weather” scene, Lee Si Woo (Song Kang) does seem to throw Eom Dong Han (Lee Sung Wook) on the bed.

While the two actors were busy practicing, Park Min Young seemed speechless. But in an instant, the beautiful actress showed fierce eyes that looked full of anger that made many viewers a little scared.

Some people think that Park Min Young’s gaze is like glaring at her co-star. However, many also disagree and think that the camera angle causes people to misunderstand Park Min Young’s expression.

Although it is not clear what Park Min Young’s thoughts and expressions were at that time, the entire behind-the-scenes video shows that the relationship between the characters Jin Ha Kyung and Song Kang was very good on set.

Park Min Young and Song Kang are always compact when practicing scenes and they often make jokes to each other to lighten the mood. Park Min Young also always shows her cheerful smile and laughter.

“Forecasting Love and Weather” tells about the work and love life of the people in the Korean Meteorological Administration (BMKG in Indonesian terms). They are more vibrant than tropical heat and more unpredictable than torrential rain.

Meanwhile, “Forecasting Love and Weather” has broadcast 6 episodes so far. This drama recorded the highest rating reaching 7.8 percent in the fourth episode. “Forecasting Love and Weather” will air an episode every Saturday-Sunday night.