Song Ji Hyo Shows Off Tons Of Gifts To Celebrate 21 Years Of Debut, Sends A Touching Message To Fans


In Celebration Of His 21st Debut Anniversary, Song Ji Hyo Uploaded Gifts Sent From Fans. The ‘Running Man’ Star Sent A Touching Message.

Song Ji Hyo has been in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years. Recently, the beautiful actress received a lot of gifts from fans in celebration of her 21st debut anniversary.

On Friday (4/2), Song Ji Hyo shared a moment where she received many gifts from fans through her personal Instagram account. There are at least 3 posts showing off the many gifts he has received.

In the post, Song Ji Hyo received various gifts from fans. There are cakes, flowers, balloons, snacks, disposable cups, hampers, letters, scrap books, and handicrafts made by them.

For the much love received, Song Ji Hyo expressed her gratitude to fans. In the caption section , he sent a touching message.

“To my fans, who once again, without fail celebrate the 21st anniversary of my debut with me!!!! Thank you, thank you. I will be someone who always repays all your love and support by showing you good things,” Song Ji Hyo said.

Not only expressing gratitude, Song Ji Hyo also advised her fans to always take care of their health. As is known, the number of COVID-19 patients is increasing in South Korea.

Some time ago Song Ji Hyo herself had to undergo self-quarantine due to close contact with a COVID-19 patient. Due to a drug allergy, the actress is still unable to get her vaccine.

Lastly, Song Ji Hyo shared how much she loves the fans who have accompanied her and never fail to surprise her. In addition, he also invited fans to stay strong through this year.

“You have to be careful with your health… yesterday, today, and tomorrow, I love you all. Let’s find strength in this year too!” concluded Song Ji Hyo.

Meanwhile, Song Ji Hyo has been active in the entertainment world since 2001. However, she just made her acting debut on television through the hit drama ” Princess Hours “. During at least 21 years of career, Song Ji Hyo has managed to build a good image.

Although initially appearing as a guest star, he eventually joined Yoo Jae Seok cs as a cast member.

The Agency Explains Why Song Ji Hyo Decided Not To Get The COVID-19 Vaccination

Before Netizens Started Questioning Song Ji Hyo’s Decision To Remain Unvaccinated, The Agency Provided A Detailed Statement Addressing The Potential Issue.

Song Ji Hyo ‘s agency , Creative Group ING, released a statement regarding the actress’ decision to undergo a 10-day self-quarantine period. While the actress tested negative for COVID-19, she has chosen to be quarantined as per recommended health guidelines due to her current vaccination status.

In its announcement, Creative Group ING surprisingly revealed that Song Ji Hyo is not currently vaccinated against the virus. However, before netizens started questioning Song Ji Hyo’s decision to remain unvaccinated, the agency provided a detailed statement addressing the potential issue.

The agency revealed, Song Ji Hyo was diagnosed with a history of drug allergies in the past. In an attempt to illustrate how bad his allergies are, Creative Group ING also shared a harrowing story from 2011 when the ” Running Man ” star reacted badly to IV fluids due to a drug allergy.

Creative Group said, “We will explain the reason for the decision to self-quarantine for 10 days. Actress Song Ji Hyo was diagnosed with a history of drug allergy in the past. In 2011, due to her busy filming schedule, she was in a situation where her physical exhaustion desperately needed attention,” said Creative Group. ING.

They continued, “He received IV fluids as a rescue effort, but it didn’t take long for him to react badly to it. He had rashes all over his body and he was having difficulty breathing due to shortness of breath. At that point, he went to the emergency room where he received treatment, and there are his medical records. After that, he continued to show bad reactions to antibiotics and more.”

The agency went on to reveal that given her medical history, it was decided after a “long meeting (with) the doctor” that it was best for Song Ji Hyo to remain unvaccinated for the sake of her health and safety. Creative Group ING concluded by revealing that although she may not be vaccinated, they will do everything they can to fully comply with quarantine guidelines to ensure Song Ji Hyo’s safety.

We will faithfully respond to requests for cooperation from quarantine authorities. Thank you,” concluded Creative Group ING.

Previously, Super Junior ‘s Eunhyuk was confirmed positive for COVID-19 after filming the episode “Running Man”. Due to the exposure of working with Eunhyuk for the episode, the entire cast of this SBS variety program announced that they would be undergoing a PCR test. On January 21, the “Running Man” crew confirmed their negative test results.