Soft and Fresh Silky Guava Pudding Recipe


Do you still remember the recipe for the mango silky pudding that was available some time ago? It turns out that besides Buavita Mango, you can also make this popular soft pudding using Buavita Guava. Silky pudding is a smooth and soft textured pudding that is widely sold in personal portions with various flavors.

The flavors of chocolate, mango, lychee, taro, coffee, or avocado are some of the flavors that are familiar to the taste buds of this soft pudding lover. This time, there is a practical inspiration in the form of Pudding Silky Guava with a full nutritional taste from Buavita Guava. Super practical and fresh because you can get the freshness of guava fruit in this fresh dessert. You can also serve this pudding recipe with additional fresh fruits, such as strawberries, grapes, kiwi, or pineapple.

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ml Buavita Guava
ml of liquid milk
tsp agar powder
tsp jelly powder
tbsp sugar

How to make
Cook Buavita Guava, liquid milk, powdered gelatin, jelly powder, and sugar while stirring over low heat until almost boiling. Lift.

Strain the pudding solution. Pour into the mould.

Let it harden. Cool in the refrigerator. Serve.