So Sweet, This Is How Yeo Jin Goo Appreciates The Sincerity Of The ‘Girls Planet 999’ Participants


In The Latest Episode Of ‘Girls Planet 999’ Which Aired Last Weekend, Yeo Jin Goo Looked Very Happy After Receiving Gifts From The Participants. What’s The Snippet Like?

A number of interesting moments colored the latest episode of ” Girls Planet 999 ” which aired last weekend. One of them was when Yeo Jin Goo showed off the bracelet gifts from the participants.

It started when the MC acted strangely shortly after greeting the Masters from the stage. She is seen touching her bracelet while smiling sweetly.

This attitude of course made the Masters confused and began to wonder. What is it? asked a Master. He’s wearing something expensive. The bracelet, said another.

Yeo Jin Goo immediately cleared up the misunderstanding. He commented, The participants made it for me.

The program then features a show where the participants surprise the Masters before the interim evaluation begins. They decorated the room, wrote letters and prepared gifts of homemade bracelets for their mentors.

Yeo Jin Goo and Tiffany were unable to attend the moment. That’s why the participants gave him the gift during the Creation Mission show .

The 1997-born actor was surprised when he saw Choi Yu Jin , Shen Xiao Ting and Kawaguchi Yurina suddenly approached him in the room. We wrote and made this, said Yu Jin.

Yeo Jin Goo was unable to hide his happiness when he accepted the sincerity of the participants. Thank you. Should I wear this on my way up? I’ll wear this bracelet. Thank you, he said with a laugh.

Meanwhile, the winner in the Creation Mission was the 7 LOVE Minutes team who performed “U+Me=LOVE”. After this mission ends, the participants are given a new mission entitled “OOO”. In this mission, the contestants will be divided into three teams and assigned to rearrange the program’s theme song.

Competition is getting fiercer, this is the winner of the latest mission 'Girls Planet 999'

Competition Is Getting Fiercer, This Is The Winner Of The Latest Mission ‘Girls Planet 999’

The Latest Episode Of ‘Girls Planet 999’ Which Aired Last Night Featured A New Mission Entitled Creation Mission. How Will This Mission End?

Mnet has aired the latest episode of ” Girls Planet 999 ” on Friday (8/10) last night. This episode presents the stage performances of the participants while undergoing the Creation Mission .

In this mission, the participants performed four new songs entitled “U+Me=LOVE”, “Utopia”, “Snake” and “Shoot!”. They also directly participate in rap making, choreography or song arrangement.

Before the mission started, the contestants were seen holding a small fan meeting to perform the “Girls Planet 999” theme song “OOO” and held a question and answer segment.

In addition, the participants in each group also performed different songs according to fan requests. Group K (Korea) performed “Kick It” of NCT 127 , Group C (China or China) performed “Helicopter” of CLC and Group J (Japan) performed “BOOMBAYAH” of BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ).

Once on a new mission, the contestants appeared with full of totality even though they had encountered various difficulties. The first team to appear was POP! CORN performed the song “Shoot!”. The team members are Chen Hsin Wei , Choi Yu Jin , Guinn Myah , Huening Bahiyyih , Ikema Ruan , Kishida Ririka and Nagai Manami .

The second team that performed was Unicorn who performed the song “Utopia”. It is a five-member team consisting of Kim Bora , Kang Ye Seo , Kawaguchi Yurina , Kim Chae Hyun and Huang Xing Qiao .

The third team that performed presented the song “U+Me=LOVE”. The team called 7 LOVE Minutes consists of Kamimoto Kotone , Kim Su Yeon , May , Nonaka Shana , Sakamoto Mashiro , Seo Young Eun and Zhou Xin Yu .

That way, the Medusa team who performed the song “Snake” performed last. This team itself is quite strong because it consists of participants who are at the top and popular ranks such as Shen Xiao Ting , Cai Bing , Ezaki Hikaru , Fu Ya Ning , Kim Da Yeon , Su Rui Qi and Wen Zhe .

The competition this time was quite fierce, because each team showed an extraordinary performance when performing these songs. However, the 7 LOVE Minutes team won this mission with a score of 94.17 out of 100.

The victory of the 7 LOVE Minutes team itself is quite interesting. First, they are the only team that doesn’t have a member with 1st rank from groups K, C and J. In addition, its members named Kim Su Yeon, Zhou Xin Yu and Kamimoto Kotone are the three participants who survived the previous elimination thanks to Planet Pass. of the Masters.

Meanwhile, the next mission that the participants will undertake is the “OOO” mission. In this mission, the contestants will be divided into three teams and tasked with rearranging the song.

Next week’s episode is also very interesting to watch because it will feature a third elimination round. In this round, the top 17 participants will survive and the Masters can only give one Planet Pass to those who should be eliminated.