So End of Wano Chapter 3, This is One Piece Chapter 993 Spoiler


Chapter 993 One Piece seems to be the end of chapter 3 of the Wano story arc. The circulating spoilers say, the death toll due to Kaido’s ferocity will fall in this chapter. Chapter 993 of One Piece is reported to be released on schedule, which is on October 25.

The spoiler quoted by IBTimes states, Kaido managed to survive the attack of Oden’s followers. The Beast Pirates captain then mocked Red Scabbards. He said that they wouldn’t be able to hurt him like Oden did. (Also Read: 5 Ways One Piece Will End Wano Country Arc )

In chapter 992, Oden’s followers survive Kaido’s massive Boro Explosion attack. Raizo is able to control a devastating fire. Chapter 993 spoilers say, Kaido will leave the roof of the Skull Dome. Before leaving, Kaido will launch another attack that is no less powerful called Slicing Wind. The attack allegedly injured Kiku’s hand. This made Izu angry. The spoiler also says that the death toll will fall. This could be due to a new weapon, the Plaque Queen, whose bullets have been smeared with something devastating. There is a possibility, the bullet has been coated with the virus.

Kaido’s departure from the Skull Dome indicates that he is looking for a stronger enemy. At first, Kaido might have thought that the members of the Akazaya Nine were strong enough to defeat him because they were able to cut through his thick skin. Kaido’s departure could also mean there will be a fierce battle between him and Monkey D Luffy. The rematch between Kaido and Luffy could be the start of chapter 4 of the Wano story arc.

With Oden’s followers now on the roof of the dome, it seems, not all of them can catch up with Kaido. This means, there are a number of Akazaya Nine members who will fight against Jack’s team. According to the spoiler, Sasaki was aiming for Momonosuke’s head. With Yamato acting strangely and imitating Oden, there was a high possibility that he would face Tobi Roppo to protect Momonosuke.

In addition, this chapter also seems to be revealing surprises. The cover of chapter 993 shows that Lola married Gotti. At the end of this chapter, something mysterious is expected to happen and surprise fans. (Also Read: 5 Characters Who Are Expected To Die in One Piece’s Wano Arc )

This chapter will also tell about Big Mom. The woman had not been seen since Jinbe and Robin dropped her from the castle. Big Mom reportedly met her son, Perospero, and other members of her mob at the castle. However, Perospero said, it was impossible for his mother to be part of the alliance because he was planning to become the pirate king.

Chapter 993 One Piecewill be released as scheduled, which is on October 25, on official platforms such as VIZ Media and Mangaplus. Previously, the series had often experienced release delays due to the health condition of the writer, Eiichiro Oda. Chapter 992 even experienced several air delays. Fans are starting to worry, especially since this series will enter chapter 1,000. They hope this chapter can be released before the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Oda has apologized for the delay in the release of the latest One Piece chapter . Oda’s apology was conveyed in a note in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump . Oda said there was no reason for the delay and he promised to do better.

“No reason. I apologize to everyone. Thank you for all your positive thoughts. I will be even better!” writes Oda, as quoted by Comic Book . (Also Read: Eiichiro Oda Says The End of One Piece Has Been Seen )

However, fans think, Oda doesn’t need to apologize. For them, Oda’s health is more important. They were indeed relieved by Oda’s statement, but most said that apologies were unnecessary and Oda has a good record of always publishing new chapters of One Piece in an orderly manner. This series has rarely gone on a long hiatus since it was first published. So, when Oda has to take a sick leave, he knows that the fans support him.