SNSD’s Seohyun Potentially ‘Refused’ When Proposed To A Spouse In Public, The Reason Is Because Of This


Having The Principle Of Getting Married Is A Personal Decision For Each Individual. As Seohyun Expressed About How She Is Uncomfortable When Proposed In Public.

Having principles about marriage is a choice for every individual. Likewise with SNSD ‘s Seohyun ( Girls’ Generation ) who has her own views when she is in a situation where she is being proposed.

Some people may prefer public attention and getting recognized that the moment of being proposed is something romantic. However, Seohyun is not one of them.

In her interview with The Swoon while promoting the BDSM film ” Love and Leashed “, Seohyun naturally revealed that she didn’t want to be proposed in front of a crowd. That’s because Seohyun is always likely to reject her partner.

Therefore, refusing in front of many strangers would be embarrassing, but lying and taking it back later would be painful. After all, he would be put in a difficult position then.

“Not in front of a crowd, I might say no. Saying no would break his heart, much less in front of a crowd. But just because people are watching, I can’t say yes and then tell him I didn’t mean it. can do that,” said Seohyun.

As long as she and her partner trust each other, Seohyun believes that it will be nice to have blessings from many people. He called it something that many women dream of.

“But if he asks me to marry him with the assumption that we already have trust in each other and we are ready to marry each other, a proposal with the blessing of many people will also be fun. That is something that many women dream of,” said Seohyun later who not flatly refuse the marriage proposal.

It seems, Seohyun is making her opinion about the marriage proposal that needs to be known. Now, his future partner only needs to write it down so as not to get “rejection” from this one idol.

Meanwhile, “Love and Leashed” is a film project that has the BDSM genre. Thanks to that, Seohyun was praised for her bold acting and suited her character.

Girls’ Generation Seohyun’s Personality Leaked By Manager, Turns Out To Be Different From The Image So Far

In The Broadcast, Seohyun Who Is Known As An Icon Of Disciplined Life, Will Show Daily Life. Apparently Here, He Is Different From His Usual Image.

In The Broadcast, Seohyun Who Is Known As An Icon Of Disciplined Life, Will Show Daily Life. Apparently Here, He Is Different From His Usual Image.

Above all, it turns out that Seohyun’s hobby is driving, which is surprising. Seohyun’s staff drew attention by saying, “You look really cool while driving.” The manager also revealed Seohyun’s unexpected hobby, “He likes to drive open cars.”

In fact, on this day, Seohyun opened the car lid and enjoyed driving, giving viewers a refreshing online healing. In particular, Seohyun sang BoA ‘s hit songs as a medley and reached the climax of the exciting drive.

Along with this, Seohyun’s sincere confession also touched the studio. Seohyun’s day full of unexpected charm can be seen in episode 188 of MBC “Point of Omniscient Interfere” which is scheduled to air at 11 pm on February 19.