SM STATION’s New Song: Wendy Red Velvet Collaborates with Melomance Through the Song Miracle


Red Velvet’s Wendy will decorate this year’s winter with her strong and gentle vocals through the new project ‘SM STATION’. This time, Wendy will partner with the Melomance group to perform a single titled ‘Miracle’.

Quoting from Naver on Tuesday (24/1/2023), the latest single for the ‘SM STATION’ project with Wendy Red Velvet and Melomance entitled ‘Miracle’ will feature an emotional and heartbreaking song collaboration.

‘Miracle’ is a ballad genre song with piano accompaniment and an emotional arrangement of orchestral accompaniment.

In particular, Wendy Red Velvet is known as a singer who has an interesting tone of voice and has an unquestionable singing technique.

Not only active as the main vocalist of the girl group Red Velvet, Wendy is also active in showing her vocal charm as a solo artist, a member of GOT the beat, to fill in a number of OSTs for several Korean drama titles.

Meanwhile, the Melomance group also has a unique vocal sound, as well as an extraordinary piano performance. Music with a touch of luxurious ballads will be presented to attract the attention of slow and emotional music lovers.

The collaboration song between Wendy Red Velvet and Melomance titled ‘Miracle’ will be released online through a number of music platforms such as Flo, Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Kuwo Music, QQ Music, Kugou Music, and a number of other online music platforms, on January 26, 2023, 18:00 KST.

Previously, ‘SM STATION’ had also shared a number of teaser clips from the collaboration between Wendy and Melomance on their YouTube channel. Starting from the short appearance of the two of them singing the song ‘Miracle’ melodiously, to the line up performance that focuses on music and orchestral accompaniment.

Fans can’t wait to hear the strong and beautiful vocal collaboration of the two through the song ‘Miracle’.

On the other hand, ‘SM STATION’ is a digital music project created by SM Entertainment, which features a number of music content, videos, and collaborations in various musical genres.