‘Sky Rojo’: the irreversible end of season 2 that leaves you wanting more Netflix series


One of the big doubts that many of us have with the second season of ‘Red Sky’ is whether it will end the Netflix series. Esther Martínez Lobato, the same co-creator along with lex Pina, commented before the premiere of the first that “now the series is drawn in two seasons of eight chapters each with an existing ending”, but also left the door open for new submissions.

After seeing its eight episodes, I can’t say that the second season of ‘Red Sky’ feels like a definitive ending. Yes, it could be left as it is if Netflix doesn’t want to continue it, but I hope it doesn’t, as the series is finally taking a definite step after it’s been around for too long.

Leaving the ups and downs

Be careful, I’ve tried to avoid it as much as possible, but from here you might find season 2 ‘Red Sky’ spoilers
As explained in the last episode, ‘Sky Rojo’ tells about the war that arises between three prostitutes who are trying to escape and three pimps who have been exploiting them for some time. There have been those who have come to see certain hesitancy when condemning the second in the first season, harshly criticizing the series for it.

For me, I’ve always understood that more fun element as a way of not allowing a more comfortable positioning on the part of the audience. It’s true that everything ends up being black or white in extreme situations, but those in charge of ‘Red Sky’ seem to be more interested in contrast than verisimilitude. Taking it seriously isn’t a sensible option, but engaging in debauchery is.

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As I’ve already mentioned, that’s something that clarifies in the early part of season two, where the problem is more that the power alternatives between characters aren’t handled with sufficient efficiency, not to mention some of the reactions from its protagonists that it’s almost impossible to believe them.

Those ups and downs are set aside in the latter part of the season, where things are headed in a clearer direction, hitting even when it comes to complicating it even more in terms of the main male character’s motivations. That determination fits perfectly into the series, allowing the more serious side to work with far greater luck than those seen so far.

In accordance with the priority

Moreover , he does so without betraying his character ‘s motivations . Yes, there’s no trace of subtlety, but it would be a mistake to expect something like that given the bets the series made, and that severely limits more of the nuances of its criticism. Instead, its nature as outdated entertainment takes on another level, as everything feels a lot more irreversible than it leaves feeling stretched out more than it should be.

I also don’t forget ‘Red Sky’ reached a point of no return here. No more comings and goings to pave the way for the definitive fight I hope we get to see. For this, it is only necessary to find a reason for all his characters to position themselves. Many have come there already, but it has to be something total.

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Without wanting to go into details, I think the chosen way to achieve it is the most successful, because it also opens up the possibility of a last minute revelation to change things one last time. But for the last time, it no longer works to look like one thing, then become another and then become something different. It’s time to put everything on the intensity card and the end of this second season makes me want that to happen.

in short

The final stretch of the second season of ‘Sky Rojo’ is more satisfying than the first. Finally all the cards are laid out on the table and a point of no return is reached regarding the motivations of the protagonists. Now everything is clear unless Netflix wants to do a third episode.