Six Wild Speculations About Drakor The Glory Part 2 Stars Answered, Including Dong Eun Oplas Will Be Young Jin


In just a few days, Song Hye-kyo will once again be a vengeful Moon Dong-woon in Glory Part 2. Yes, his second part of the Korean drama The Glory is scheduled to air on Friday, March 10, 2023. .

The release of The Glory Part 2 was highly anticipated by viewers. In fact, the wait for Part 2 has been so confusing that quite a few fans are wondering what will happen in The Glory Part 2. I’m uploading my guesses about what you think.

Many of these fan theories have gone viral and other viewers are beginning to believe them. As this Drakor’s broadcast schedule approaches, several stars of The Glory drakor gathered for a recently released special on the YouTube Netflix K-Content channel to discuss the truth behind fans’ ‘Guess the Mangosteen’. Rice field.

Is there a theory that is roughly correct?

Eldest son Myeong-oh still alive

“I get comments like that a lot. His colleague later revealed that the mystery of Myeong-oh’s fate was actually popular with fans, often outstripping search engine searches.

In response to this speculation, the actor even returned to mystery. “He’s between life and death,” said Kim Gun-woo.

2. Dongwoon loses his memory after taking revenge and lives happily ever after

“I see you often. He did a lot of criminal acts while taking revenge on us, so he has to take responsibility. Bottom.

Because of this, some fans hope that Dongwoon will lose his memory after taking revenge.

“I think it’s a good hope,” said Kim Hiora.

3. Youngjin was disappointed and killed Mr. Chu.

The Glory Star laughed at this one fan theory. As is well known, character Dong-woon and teacher Joo-sensei (Huh Dong-won) have similar bob haircuts. Because of this, some people suspected that Youngjin had the wrong person when he attacked Dongwoon at night.

“(Joo) is taller than Dong-woon,” said Park Sung-hoon, admitting that the speculation was a bit wild.

Four. Dongwoon died in high school, so Hee disguised himself as Dongwoon

There is a theory that Dongwoon actually died due to school violence. Instead, Dong-woon’s supposedly dead school friend So-hee (Lee So-yi) faked her identity to get her revenge.

The stars of The Glory were speechless after hearing this speculation.

Park Sung Hoon said with a smile.

5. Dongwoon and Doyoung date

The Glory star revealed that she often sees uploads that help Ji-young’s husband Dong-woon and Do-young (Jung Sung-il) finally become a couple. Expressed. “I don’t know, maybe I can do it?” Jeon Song-il said.

6. Dongwoon transforms into Youngjin

Park Sung Hoon said he heard an interesting theory. Dong-woon ends Young-jin’s (Lim Ji-young) life through plastic surgery. He becomes a tyrant with the help of plastic surgeon Yeo Jung (Lee Do Hyun) and lives as Young Jin.

“With Yeo Jung’s skills, it makes sense,” said Kim Gun Woo. “But after that, will he feel depressed every time he looks in the mirror?”

“I agreed. It was a nightmare,” said Cha Joo Young, who plays Hye Jung.

A month before The Glory Part 2 is released on March 10, 2023, Netflix has shared a teaser for this Korean drama. The 1 minute 16 second video was shared on various social media platforms and streamed with the red N logo.

The teaser begins with the scene where Moon Dong-woon (Song Hye-kyo) and the thug Park Young-jin (Lim Ji-young) meet at a coffee shop. Youngjin threw away the paper given to him by a high school friend.

“Excuse me. From whom, to whom?” Youngjin said with a laugh.

In another scene, Moon Dong-woon stares blankly and says, “‘Innocent’? What should I do with you?”

Out of control

After that, a series of events that lead to Moon Dong-woon’s revenge are shown. Park Yong-jin’s smile at the beginning of the teaser didn’t last long, and he had a desperate expression on his face. The same goes for Sara (Kim Hyora) and Choi Hye Jung (Cha Joo Young).

An accident is shown about to happen while Dong-woon’s accomplice Kang Hyung-nam (Yeom Hye-ran) is in tatters.

At first glance, it can be seen that Ha Do-yeon (Jung Sung-il), who was quiet in the first part, goes out of control and blindly beats someone.

The Glory Part 2 poster

“Your bones will burn with hate,” Moon Dong-woon said. Shortly thereafter, I got the message “Welcome to my hell”.

“Welcome, Youngjin,” Song Hye Kyo said with a confused expression at the end of the teaser.

Apart from this teaser, Netflix has also released a series of posters for his The Glory Part 2. Moon Dong-woon holds Ha Do-yeon’s shoulders and poses warmly and intimately for her companion. Instead, he smothered a bully at school.

Available tomorrow only

With this upload, we know fans have been waiting impatiently for his March 10th. Quite a few people have asked to move the screening forward by a month, so tomorrow is February 10th.

“Are you Carmuk or what are you doing? Min is going to his boss to air on February 10,” said @goddes*** on his Netflix Indonesia Instagram account.