Single’s Inferno Reportedly Returns with a Second Season


This event is a dating show that gathers a number of young people to get to know each other and move on to a more serious relationship.
Reported by TV Daily, Single’s Inferno is said to be returning with a second season. Currently, the production team is said to be recruiting a number of contestants to star in this event.

The production is said to still have not set a broadcast date for the second season of Single’s Inferno.

Regarding this news, Netflix also provided clarification. They confirmed that they still have not decided anything about the second season of Single’s Inferno.

“No decisions have been made regarding the plans for the second season of Single’s Inferno, ” Netflix said.

The first season of Single’s Inferno aired from December 2021 to January 2022. A number of young people with different occupations and characteristics were gathered on an uninhabited island.

Contestants are required to participate in a number of games in the game. The winner is allowed to choose one person they want to get to know closely and go to a luxury hotel that has been prepared.

Single’s Inferno is not only gaining popularity in South Korea. The show ranks highly on Netflix Asia and worldwide.