Sing “Yesterday” for Me (2020) Anime Review: Slow but Heavy


Spring season 2020 has just ended. A tough season for the whole world amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The anime industry is no exception. of the many anime that are scheduled to air this season, they were forced to postpone the broadcast date, as a result, not many anime aired in this season. of the few anime that aired, one of them was the anime Sing “Yesterday” for Me or also called Yesterday wo Utatte.

Sing “Yesterday” for Me is an anime series with the romance genre and slice of life is one of the best anime that aired this season.

The anime, which was adapted from the manga by Kei Toume, received a fairly high rating, with a score of 7.25 on the My Anime List site and several times it got the number 1 position on anitrendz. This anime is quite worth following.

This anime series that gives a little warmth in this spring tells the story of Rikuo Uozumi’s anxiety in dealing with life in his mid-20s.

Problems from work to love are spices throughout the story of this series. By bringing a slow storyline, we are slowly taken to enter into the anxiety and intrigues within each character.

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The story begins when Rikuo, who has just graduated from college and has not found a permanent job, is forced to work part-time in a small super market with no clear future target.

At this super market, Rikuo meets a visitor named Haru Nonaka, a cheerful girl who finally brings a new color to Rikuo’s flat and boring life.

The intrigue in Rikuo and Nonaka’s relationship comes when Rikuo’s college friend and first love, Shinako Morinome, comes back to town after previously deciding to work in her hometown.

The plot presented is actually quite simple without many twists and jarring intrigues. All the problems that occur mostly come from within each character.

Rikuo’s confusion about life goals and ideals and the choice of love. Nonaka’s secret behind her smile and cheerfulness. And the reason Shinako has not been able to fall in love. Everything is told slowly and makes us understand and get to know the characters more deeply.

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This anime is suitable to watch for those of you who like slow-flowing anime. Long dialogues and deep monologues also fill this anime. So if you want to watch this Anie series, prepare your mind and heart to get carried away in a shady but still weighty storyline.