‘Sing 2’ Easter Egg Video Reveals Cameo Voices


Finally, ‘Sing 2 is out digitally!

Did you hear the cameos, Edgar Wright, Spike Jonze, and Wes Anderson?

‘Sing 2’ hit theaters last December with a star-studded cast. Halsey and Bono are some of the big names who joined the previous stars in the first film, such as Matthew McConaughey, Scarlett Johansson, Taron Egerton, Tori Kelly, and several other stars.

Celebrating the arrival of ‘Sing 2’ digitally, Universal Pictures has released a new clip featuring filmmakers ‘ voice cameos , Edgar Wright, Wes Anderson, and Spike Jonze, that audiences may have missed.

The director Garth Jennings did not play around in removing several important people to voice his project this time. Including himself, he hooked the closest people and other creative teams to participate. Apart from Jennings, his wife Louise, his youngest son, and his old school friend George Griffiths also star in the film.

Several well-known directors were also featured in the film ‘Sing 2’, including Edgar Wright (‘Last Night in Soho’), Spike Jonze (‘Her’), Wes Anderson (‘The French Dispatch’), Chris Renaud (‘Despicable Me’) , and Scott Mosier (‘The Grinch 2018’). McConaughey’s daughter, Vida, is also in the film as well as executive producer Dana Krupinski’s daughter, Adeline. Other names include ‘Sing 2’ editor Gregory Perler, assistant editor, Thomas Walters, and ‘Sing 2’ producer Joy Poirel.

In the video, Garth Jennings praises all the voice actors from the sequel. He feels proud to be working with the most famous and extraordinary artists and directors in the world. The director also revealed that many of the background noises we hear in small scenes are played by friends, crew, family of the cast, including his wife and youngest son. There’s also some unexpected voice cast in ‘Sing 2,’ as Jennings invites his fellow directors to be the beasts of his animation world.

In ‘Sing 2,’ music producer Buster Moon (voiced by Matthew McConaughey) brings the gang back together for a promising new show that will rock the world. However, to do so, they must recruit a rock star, voiced by Bono (lead rock band U2).

Returning from the first film, Reese Witherspoon reprises her role as overworked pig mother Rosita, Scarlett Johansson as rocker hedgehog Ash, Taron Egerton as serious Johnny the gorilla, Tori Kelly as shy elephant Meena and Nick Kroll as Gunter the silly pig. The sequel also features new characters voiced by Pharrell Williams, Letitia Wright, Eric André, Chelsea Peretti, Bobby Cannavale, and Grammy-nominated artist Halsey.

‘Sing 2’ is now available for purchase digitally and will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on March 29.