Showbiz rhythm: The wife of People’s Artist Cong Ly is angry, Tran Thanh is in trouble again


People’s Artist Cong Ly ‘s wife was upset when she was cornered, and Tran Thanh was caught in a market because of antifan… were the highlights of entertainment news on April 27.

People’s Artist Cong Ly’s wife was upset when she was cornered

Ngoc Ha – the wife of People’s Artist Cong Ly recently made the public worried when there were quite harsh articles implying that someone was a “small person” and she was being cornered.

Recently, Ngoc Ha urgently wrote on her personal page, “Don’t push me to the end! I will blow it all up! This life is only afraid of living mistakes, not afraid of petty people. And have no right to judge me!.

It is known that this is not the first time that Cong Ly’s wife has posted an article with similar content. Before that, she also posted articles with similar content as “I love you! Because I always meet callous people” or “There are really evil people! And too bad”.

There are many words of encouragement from friends, colleagues and the audience to the comedian’s wife and hope Ngoc Ha calmly walks through the current turbulence.

Tran Thanh is in trouble again because of antifan

Recently, MC Tran Thanh continued to be entangled in the market when expressing his views on the issue of “artist’s destination” in an article by People’s Artist Viet Anh. Specifically, People’s Artist Viet Anh wrote that, “Reputation and money are never the “destination” of an artist, only the feeling of love makes an artist forever”.

Before the above attacks, male MC Tran Thanh remained silent and did not respond to antifan anything.

Si Thanh gives his opinion on frankness

Participating in the program “Tai and Tieu”, female singer Si Thanh frankly expressed her views on frankness: “Frankness is the dominant characteristic of people of the Sagittarius sign like me. In addition to the fiery, seductive, sexy, I am also very straightforward. In my opinion, there are two types of straightforward people.

The first type of people are people who are extremely straightforward, do not know how to lie, are very honest, do not slouch or fallacious. But they also know where to talk and where to keep quiet. Those are people like me.

According to the voice of “E”, people with a straightforward personality will do this at the right time and in the right place so that the listener will not feel humiliated and uncomfortable.

Especially, when honest people make mistakes, they will voluntarily stand up to take responsibility, not slyly, blaming this person or that other person. The second type of person is the ungrateful type, who can say whatever they want to say, regardless of the time or position, what should be done. They always make others feel uncomfortable and frustrated in their hearts,” said Si Thanh.

Trong Hieu talks about difficulties in the profession

Trong Hieu is not a strange name for Vietnamese audiences. He is known as one of the multi-talented male singers and dancers when he can both dance and sing skillfully. And to achieve the current success, Trong Hieu has gone through many difficulties in his profession.

“As a professional dancer, more than anyone else, I understand the positive values ​​that dancing brings in life. It is not only a passion but also a career associated with my life. However, in order to really stick with choreography, dancing is a trade-off and a constant effort in myself” – Trong Hieu shared in the program “Dalat Best Dance Crew”.

The male singer also revealed that he had experienced such a severe injury that he died, thought he was dead, could not survive. The arm bone and many other bones were broken horizontally during exercise, each bone was exposed. “I was in unimaginable pain. But then I overcame it all,” said Trong Hieu.

Ha Thanh Xuan revealed her plan to marry a businessman boyfriend

2022 is probably the great year of Vietnamese showbiz when a series of artists in turn announce the good news. Recently, female singer Ha Thanh Xuan has just revealed her plan to get on a flower car with her rich boyfriend over 13 years old.

Ha Thanh Xuan and her boyfriend Thang Ngo knew each other for a year before deciding to live in the same house. The female singer was also very happy when her business boyfriend gave a surprise romantic proposal party.

The news that Ha Thanh Xuan is about to get on a flower car also smashes doubts about his relationship with his close colleague, male singer Quang Le.

Before that, the two made fans think they were a couple when they often shared close pictures together. The couple also many times vaguely praised the other as an important and indispensable person in life.