Shooting Victim’s Husband Annoyed Hear Alec Baldwin’s Interview About Rust Tragedy


A few months after the tragic death of his wife, Halyna Hutchins, Matt Hutchins spoke to the world in his first TV interview.
On NBC’s Nightly News it was discussed whether Matt watched Alec Baldwin’s TV interview with Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos.

Matt said he watched it, and it pissed him off.”Yeah. But looking at it made me really angry,” Matt said.

“I was furious to see him speak about his death publicly, in such a detailed manner and then not accept any responsibility after just describing his murder,” he said.

According to Matt, there are actions and words that the actor shouldn’t say. Moreover, during the interview, Alec Baldwin had tears in his eyes.

“Hearing her blaming Halyna in interviews and shifting the responsibility to someone else and seeing her cry over it, I feel like should we feel for you Mr Baldwin?'” he added.

Matt was also asked if he thought the majority of the blame was on Alec.”The idea that the person holding the gun that caused it to go off is irresponsible, to me, doesn’t make sense,” Matt said.

There are a number of industry standards that are not being implemented and there are many responsible parties,” he added.

In an interview with ABC News, Alec, who starred in and produced the now-suspended film, said he was given a cold gun and didn’t pull the trigger.

But when they were about to shoot, the gun suddenly exploded, shooting Halyna dead and injuring director Joel Souza.
“I didn’t pull the trigger,” he said to George.