Shinkai Releases First Poster “Suzume No Tojimari”

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Japan_ Shinkai is known as the most successful magic -themed anime film producerAfter a hiatus of nearly three years, the studio has finally released a poster of their upcoming project titled Suzume no Tojimari . With a fairly long lag time, enthusiasm for this anime is so high.

Suzume no Tojimari

Japanese animator and director Makoto Shinkai has been a name in the animation world for decades. His works include She and Her Cat, Voices of a Distant Star, Your Name and most recently Weathering With You in 2019.

Animators are currently busy with their upcoming project, Suzume no Tojimari or in English entitled Suzume Locking Up The Doors . The film will be released in Japan on November 11, 2022 with an interesting buzz.

Suzume is the studio’s first film in nearly three years. As a result, enthusiasm for the film’s story and visuals was high. Reportedly, this film is about closing an open door which refers to finishing something that has been started.

Suzume no Tojimari focuses on Suzume, a 17 year old girl who meets a young man who is looking for a door. Suzume followed him and found a weathered door in the ruins in the mountains. It was as if, it was the only thing left standing from the collapse.

As if being pulled by something, Suzume grabbed the door and opened it. Who would have thought, his actions caused many doors to start opening around Japan and cause disaster. Feeling guilty for his carelessness, Suzume’s door lock journey took place. He must close all doors and save Japan from doom.

In a statement, Shinkai said that the story of Suzume no Tojimari is about closure and hopefully audiences will leave the film thinking about ‘how to close the many doors we left open. I have passed that responsibility on to Suzume as she traveled across Japan closing various doors’.

From her first visual appearance, it appears Suzume is holding a chair and standing in front of a mysterious door. There is a tagline which means ‘see you later’.

Like the previous films, Shinkai wrote and directed Suzume, although the animation duties fell to Kenichi Tsuchiya. Tsuchiya himself previously directed the animations Weathering With You as well as Your Name .