Shinhwa’s Andy Announces Married to Lee Eun Joo June 12


Andy Shinhwa announced his wedding plans to fans in January 2022. Now, the management has revealed the exact date for the wedding reception.
The exact wedding date of Andy Shinhwa and Lee Eun Joo was first reported by SPOTV News. They are said to be getting married in June 2022.

TOP Media, as the management of Andy Shinhwa, confirmed the news. Andy and Lee Eun Joo will hold a wedding on June 12, 2022.

“Andy Shinhwa will marry anchor Lee Eun Joo on June 12. Andy met someone special and promised to be together forever. We hope fans will happily give their blessing to their marriage,” said TOP Media.

“After getting married, Andy will continue his activities without any changes. So, we ask fans to continue to support him. Thank you,” he concluded.

Andy Shinhwa previously personally revealed the wedding plans through a written statement uploaded on Instagram. He asked the fans for permission to marry his lover.

“Today, I want to be the first to break this news to you. I want to spend forever with someone I finally found. He is the one who makes me smile when I have a hard day, and someone I really love. want to spend life with him.”

In the future, I will continue to show a better side, and will not change as Andy Shinhwa,” he concluded.

Andy is not the first Shinhwa member to announce marriage. Previously, Eric had been married to actress Na Hye Mi.

Meanwhile Junjin has become the husband of a former flight attendant, Ryu Yi Seo. Now left Kim Dong Wan, Lee Min Woo, and Shin Hye Sung who are still choosing themselves.