Shifters Jaw Titan anime Attack on Titan


Marcel Galliard

Just like the other Nine Titans, the Jaw Titan also originally belonged to the Eldia when they still occupied the country of Marley. However, during the Great Titan War, the ownership of the Jaw Titan finally fell into the hands of the Marleyans who at that time succeeded in taking over the power of the Marley country.

The first figure from the Jaw Titan shifters that anime viewers know is Ymir. However, the fact is that there is another Jaw Titan shifter before Ymir, namely Marcel Galliard, an Eldian who is part of Marley’s Warrior Unit division. In the year 843 in the anime, Marley entrusts Marcel as Jaw Titan shifters to destroy military weapons belonging to other countries during war.

As a Jaw Titan, Marcel has a short form like the Jaw Titan in general with orange hair. In addition, the face has a texture like bone, not skin like the Nine Titans in general. The jaws of Marcel’s Jaw Titan also consist of fangs that look very sharp.

After that, Marcel was given the task of conducting reconnaissance and slaughtering all the people on Paradis Island along with Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, and Annie Leonhart. Unfortunately, before entering Paradis Island civilization, Marcel had already died because he was eaten by a Pure Titan while rescuing Reiner.