Shazam Review: The fury of the gods, a thunderous adventure several steps below its predecessor


Shazam review: The fury of the gods, second installment of the adventures of Billy Batson that gives the feeling of closing a cycle without remedy. Premiere on March 17.

The four years that separate us from the premiere of Shazam! they make the gap between the first film and its sequel, Shazam! The fury of the gods, be especially noted. Little remains of the initial charm of the characters, their air of sympathetic adventure and their fresh, familiar and youthful humour.

It’s not just that he’s late, with cameos that don’t matter anymore and two post-credit scenes that may be doomed to be forgotten, like the one in the first film, but that he only manages to entertain at times and has lost a lot of charm.

The plot seems delimited with square and bevel falling into all the foreseeable topics and the characters are not so cohesive as to convey the idea of a team. But perhaps its biggest sin is to throw humor that works half throttle abusing resources already seen before and proposing a feast of CGI and noise at times unbearable.

What is the movie about?
Good question… To save the world once again, of course, this time from the daughters of Atlas, some malevolent deities willing to sow chaos and use their magic to exact revenge, although beyond revenge as such they do not know he understands very well what is the reason for his brutal animosity towards humans.

Meanwhile, our heroes have to deal with the usual problems of any teenager: first loves, high school bullies and combining a life dedicated to the noble cause of doing good, dealing with bad press and with their personal lives.

The parallels with Spider-Man are more than obvious, so it seems that many of the things that are proposed to us in this film we have already seen. The action is unbalanced, there is no room for the characters to breathe and there is hardly any development because the cast is too choral not to say that it is a championship hodgepodge.

The big question… Was this plot for a two and a quarter hour movie? Taking into account that two thirds have been dedicated to urban destruction via the overuse of an otherwise very improvable CGI, it is easy to conclude that it is overextended, but this is particularly evident in the ending where the script decisions are very unwise .

Despite leaving a very pronounced trace of disappointment, Shazam! There are some aspects of Wrath of the Gods that do work reasonably well because it has several top-notch performers deep into their characters, such as the great Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu in the roles of Hespera and Kalipso.

Despite having little screen time, Cooper Andrews and Marta Milans also remain a wonderful refuge as foster parents to the troupe. They add a certain charm to a somewhat disjointed group, but united by the love they profess for them.

Shazam! The fury of the gods
Warner Bros.
In addition to the nods to other franchises with the essential cameo of Annabelle (which was already seen in the trailer) and express mentions of many films that have marked an era, such as Fast & Furious, The Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, and form part of the immediate referents of the young heroes.

If we coldly analyze the film, it has everything it has to have: action, family drama, a drop of romance, magic, great creatures and a production in which bills have rained. This confirms once again that you have to work on the script and that not everything goes. Cinema is not a mathematical equation. Either it catches you and subjugates you, or it doesn’t, and that largely depends on a lot of issues.

The most important of all of them is that you have to try to offer something new and exciting without getting carried away by commonplaces or risking everything to an eternal climax in which the noise takes over everything.

With these wickerwork and a fairly modest box office projection given that it opens in sandwich mode between several powerful blockbusters, it is difficult to imagine a third installment of Shazam!, although some ideas have already been outlined, and it is a real shame because there were managed to press a key in the different DC adaptations… Too bad it took so little to go out of tune.