Shark Bait Film Review (2022)


Since director Steven Spielberg released Jaws (1975), the development of films about sharks seems endless until now. Hollywood is still quite active releasing films about sharks. Well, this month, Vertical Entertainment’s newest shark film will be enlivening Indonesian cinemas, namely Shark Bait .

Although it was only released in Indonesia in June 2022, Shark Bait has actually been screened in the United States on May 13, 2022. The film, directed by James Nunn, is one of the films produced during the pandemic. Shark Bait was enlivened by a row of actors, including Holly Earl, Jack Trueman, Catherine Hannay, and other actors.

Shark Bait is about five friends who are on vacation in Mexico. On the eve of their return to the United States, the five friends were even desperate to jetski and go out to sea. As a result of carelessness, the two jetskis driven by the five friends crashed into each other until they were damaged. In a state of being tossed about in the sea, there was a large shark stalking the five people.

If you look at the synopsis above, the storyline presented by Shark Bait is actually very cliche for a shark-themed film. A group of people who are determined to do stupid things, even though one of them has warned them to be careful. Then, this stupid decision finally made them trapped in the middle of the ocean and eventually targeted by a giant shark.

Even though it’s cliché and not special, Shark Bait surprisingly shows a pretty tense storyline, you know. If you put aside the ridiculous and unreasonable things from this film, the terror displayed by the sharks in Shark Bait is actually quite exciting while watching. Moreover, director Nunn did not hesitate at all in showing blood and broken bodies in his film.

Director Nunn is quite successful in placing the appearance of the shark at the right moments. Nunn doesn’t force sharks to appear in most of the films. However, he is more focused on showing the fear of the human characters. So when the shark appears, the audience is not prepared for its appearance. That is why, Shark Bait is fairly successful in displaying its tense moments.

It’s tense, really, but there are a lot of silly and absurd things in the film

Shark Bait did manage to become a suspenseful shark film. Unfortunately, this film is even more dominated by various ridiculous and unreasonable scenes. At the beginning of the film, it is clearly shown that a man is a victim of a shark. Already know there are shark victims on the beach, why did the local government not give a warning about the dangers of sharks?

When five friends are trapped in the middle of the ocean, there are actually some ridiculous moments that don’t really need to happen. In the midst of a state of panic, a character named Nat sometimes checks Milly ‘s cellphone to find that her friend is having an affair with her boyfriend. Sometimes Nat, Milly, and Tom fight about their love affairs in the middle of a shark condition that lurks.

Even more unfortunate, the ending of Shark Bait ended with a truly ridiculous moment. For information, the shark that terrorized this film was a white shark with a fairly large body size. Given its size, the shark shouldn’t be able to swim in shallow water. But at the end of the film, sometimes the shark swims in shallow water to chase the main character.

Poor and inconsistent shark CGI

Those of you who have watched Shark Bait must have guessed that this film was produced on a not-too-large budget. One of the things that clearly shows that this film was made on a low budget is the CGI shark display which looks quite rough and looks very fake.

Not only does the CGI display look rough, the size of the shark in this film is also sometimes inconsistent. There are times when the shark looks so big. However, there are times when the shark looks smaller. The most visible inconsistency in the size of the shark is at the end of the film. Sharks that used to look so big in deep water, suddenly become smaller and can swim in shallow water. It would be nice if you didn’t focus too much on shark CGI while watching Shark Bait .

In the midst of many shortcomings, it cannot be denied that Shark Bait is a film that is quite entertaining and tense. Watch this film if you want light entertainment but entertaining enough. Most importantly, put aside various silly things from this film while watching it.

After reading the Shark Bait movie review , are you interested in watching this film? For those who have watched, don’t forget to share your opinion about this film, OK!