SF9’S Rowoon And Park Eun Bin Cs Praised For Being Refreshing, ‘The King’s Affection’ Hints At Forbidden Love


The Production Team Of ‘The King’s Affection’ Revealed A Poster That Hints At Forbidden Love. The Acting Of Rowoon SF9 And Park Eun Bin Cs Is Also Called Refreshing.

KBS has just released a poster of ” The King’s Affection ” decorated with the faces of the main players. The drama starring Park Eun Bin and SF9’s Rowoon will soon be airing next October.

Adapting the manhwa (Korean comic) of the same name, “The King’s Affection” tells the story of twin brothers in a kingdom, where the boy dies and the girl remains. Although initially neglected due to his birth as a girl, he later succeeded the crown prince after his brother died.

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In this drama, Park Eun Bin will play Lee Hwi, a crown prince with a surprising secret. While Rowoon plays Jung Ji Woon, Lee Hwi’s teacher.

On the poster that was just released, there is a hint that there will be a forbidden love story. This is shown from the text which reads, Feelings that one should not have carelessly.

Lee Hwi seemed to exude the dignity of a king when he sat in the middle of the other players. His gaze was straight ahead, so serious and exuding tension. By his side was Jung Ji Woon who bore the brunt of sharing secrets with Lee Hwi.

Besides the two of them, there is also Lee Hyun ( Nam Yoon Su ) a member of the royal family who sits on Lee Hwi’s right with a warm smile and keeps secret feelings for someone. How his mysterious romance unfolds seems interesting to observe.

There is also Lee Hwi’s loyal and reliable bodyguard, Kim Ga On ( VICTON’s Byungchan ) sitting nearby with a flat expression. Next to Jung Ji Woon is Shin So Eun ( Bae Yoon Kyung ), the only daughter of a resourceful and ambitious upper-class family. Finally, there is Noh Ha Kyung ( Jung Chaeyeon ex IOI ) who shows grace and beauty as the wife of the crown prince.

The production team said, The six actors, who radiate refreshing energy, will portray beautiful and loving moments with various stories. On October 11, viewers will be able to watch a drama that blows affection into their hearts.

Meanwhile, “The King’s Affection” will premiere on October 11. This drama can later be watched every Monday and Tuesday at 21.30 local time.

Having an Interesting Relationship, SF9's Rowoon and Park Eun Bin's Acting in 'The King's Affection' Reaps Admiration

Having An Interesting Relationship, SF9’S Rowoon And Park Eun Bin’s Acting In ‘The King’s Affection’ Reaps Admiration

Along With The Release Of Photos Of SF9’S Rowoon And Park Eun Bin In ‘The King’s Affection’, The Drama Producers Also Praised Their Acting Skills Like This.

Recently the production team of ” The King’s Affection ” praised the acting of SF9’s Rowoon and Park Eun Bin . The praise was given to accompany photos of their new character scenes.

“The King’s Affection” tells the story of a pair of royal twins, one girl and one boy. Their mother was forced to send her daughter out of the palace because at that time having twins was considered a bad omen. Several years later, the mother brought her daughter back to the palace when the son who was the Crown Prince died.

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Park Eun Bin plays Lee Hwi, the king’s daughter who is forced to disguise herself as the Crown Prince to replace her brother. Despite having a kind and intelligent personality, Lee Hwi always keeps his distance from everyone in order to protect his secret.

Lee Hwi has a teacher named Jung Ji Woon (Rowoon) who is quite stubborn. He is very friendly and always tries to get involved in Lee Hwi’s affairs. That’s why they will have a pretty interesting romance.

In the newly released stills, Lee Hwi seems to be breaking the rules when the teacher is careless. Upon learning of this, Jung Ji Woon immediately barged into Lee Hwi’s private room as if it was no big deal.

Suddenly, Jung Ji Woon’s bold behavior made Lee Hwi very surprised. Unfortunately he could not do much other than obey what the teacher said.

Along with the release of the photo of the scene, the producers of “The King’s Affection” also praised the acting of Park Eun Bin and Rowoon who managed to show the interesting relationship of their characters. In addition, the producer also revealed the important points of this drama.

The producer said, The chemistry between Lee Hwi, who has to keep his secret and Ji Woon, who remains unafraid even when facing the Crown Prince, will be a great source of entertainment at the beginning of the drama.

The key point is the suspenseful story that is sometimes unexpected. Sometimes it makes the heart flutter and sometimes it is full of suspense, added the producer.

Park Eun Bin and Rowoon really play that element. So you can look forward to it safely, concluded the producer of “The King’s Affection”.

Meanwhile, “The King’s Affection” is prepared to replace the ” Police University ” airing slot on Monday – Tuesday night KBS. The plan, the drama, which also stars Jung Chae Yeon , will start airing on October 11.