Sexual Harassment Scene In ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ Triggers Debate, Here’s Why

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Recently Released, ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ Has Sparked Debate For Featuring Explicit Sexual Harassment Scenes. Here Are The Reasons For The Emergence Of Pros And Cons Among Viewers.

Shortly after its release, ” All of Us Are Dead ” quickly caught the attention of viewers. Not only showing the horror of the zombie virus, this drama sparked controversy because one of the scenes was deemed inappropriate.

“All of Us Are Dead” tells the story of the struggle of a group of students to survive in the midst of a zombie virus outbreak at school. While they are isolated and defending themselves, many things are happening around them.

One of the scenes in the first episode of “All of Us Are Dead” where a girl is being abused has been met with criticism. In the scene, a student is gagged and then stripped of her upper garment to be recorded on their cell phone. Even though Lee Soo Hyeok ( Park Solomon ) had been reprimanded, the perpetrator still made obscene sentences and threatened to spread the video.

Apart from not being in the original webtoon, the scene has made viewers uncomfortable because it is shown explicitly and from the point of view of the perpetrator of sexual assault. What makes it even more uncomfortable is that this scene is set in a school setting where the characters are underage. Next, netizens on online forums who have watched or enjoyed the webtoon “All of Us Are Dead” commented.

I could tell immediately what kind of person the director was,” said one netizen. “It’s really uncomfortable, why put the scene?” added another netizen. I’m really annoyed,” added another netizen.

On the other hand, some netizens think that the scene in “All of Us Are Dead” does not glorify sexual harassment. It’s just to let you know that such incidents often happen even in educational institutions. So that netizens are still debating whether it is necessary to add this scene.

“Ah seriously, you guys live in a beautiful world or what? It’s not like they’re trying to glorify something that isn’t true about our society,” commented one netizen.

Meanwhile, “All of Us Are Dead” has finally been released on Friday (28/1). This drama is summarized in 12 episodes of 53 to 72 minutes each.