Sex Education the excellent season 3 of the Netflix series


‘Sex Education’ is one of the best Netflix original series. A priori it’s not one of the most ambitious or flashy, but Laurie Nunn’s creation has shown on several occasions that very few productions on the platform can reach her level, with even fewer successfully surpassing it. That’s not to say that I’m always in doubt as to whether the time will come when I start spinning about the same thing and get a bit monotonous, but I already told you that won’t be the case with season three.

It will be September 17th when the third season of ‘Sex Education’ lands on Netflix, but I was able to see the first three episodes already, very satisfied with the outcome. In it, new dynamics are explored, some of which were picked up at the end of the second batch of episodes and others introduced here for the first time, maintaining the same fun and quality as the usual series.

Changes in Moordale

is that initially his bonds with the other protagonists wane, more important with Maeve than with everyone else. Right now there are only glimpses of the inescapable rivalry between the two characters, as they all point to a new kind of repression within the institute, less intense than Groff’s but perhaps far more effective in his attempts to undo the path he was on. have stepped on. And whether Kirke’s character is the opposite of Gillian Anderson’s character.

Season three still has a long way to go on that side, as it aims to be one big conflict, but the series prefers to introduce it quietly while exploring other changes in familiar character relationships, both just starting out. the romance between Eric and Adam or the unexpected new relationship that Otis begins after all the chaos with a message that Maeve never receives.

Obviously, season two’s cliffhanger wasn’t forgotten, but it’s something he calmly returns to, it’s inevitable that Maeve and Otis’ paths will cross again when the two discover what happened. Since we all know that this will end, the doubt is when and how it will develop. Meanwhile, ‘Sex Education’ has ticked off with a romantic plot for Otis which could go horribly wrong because of the odds.

Fits himself without repeating himself

However, the series handles it very well, both to influence the personalities of those involved and to show the balance between comic, tenderness, and emotion that this Netflix production so well renders. In this way, the ending of the third episode feels like a plausible evolution of what has been seen so far rather than being a way to create conflict in a seemingly beautiful situation. Of course, it retains some of the punching effect, but fits what has been seen so far.

For the rest, it’s true that some important characters have lost weight up until now – in return, others have gained presence and still limited space – but in general, the idea remains that they’re still around, dealing with their lives more in the background, waiting for something to justify. that they had once again gained a greater advantage, something that was very clear in Aimee’s case.

The bottom line is that at least in this early phase of season 3, they want to change the status quo to see how far happiness might go beyond it. You don’t have to be a lynx to know that some things have a clear expiration date, but the key is to make sure that, even so, we are interested and engaged with this new stage for the protagonists. From there, we’re all aware that there’s a certain undeniable plot to the series and that he’ll be returning to it sooner rather than later.

in short

I’ve been wanting to see a new episode of ‘Sex Education’ for a long time and I’m not at all disappointed by the experience. Maybe what I’ve seen so far in season three is still a road station in the series narrative, but I can give a little reproach even if that’s the case, which remains to be seen, when you do things really well, you respect your character and you not betray what allows you to connect with the public without limiting yourself to repeating what you already know works.