Several pieces of evidence that Zeus is a villain in Thor 4!


All loyal MCU fans should know who the antagonist will be in Thor 4, aka Love and Thunder. He is actor Christian Bale, who will play the God-hating alien, Gorr the God Butcher. Feeling that the gods were the source of his misfortune, with his new powers and swords, it was quite clear that Gorr would be a serious threat. However, before facing him, it seems that Thor and his friends must first face another figure no less great, and that is Zeus.

Interestingly, this portrayal of Zeus as a villain has long been conveyed by Marvel through various Love and Thunder merchandise/action figures. Marvel once hinted that the king of the Olympian Gods would be one of the antagonists in Thor’s fourth solo movie. And now, based on what’s seen in the new trailer for the movie, there seems to be plenty of footage to support that theory. Without further ado, let’s break down several facts that support the theory of Zeus as a villain in Thor: Love and Thunder.


He has long been the enemy of Asgard

Zeus Panhellenios, also known as Zeus, is one of the Olympian gods who made his debut in the 1949 Marvel Comics titled Venus. Just like the story of him in Greek and Roman mythology, Zeus is the leader of the Olympian gods who have very supernatural powers. In addition to being immortal, Zeus can also manipulate lightning energy with his bare hands, unlike Thor who usually has to use a catalyst. Zeus’ strength and prowess are said to be equal to Thor’s father and ruler of the Nine Realms, the All-Father Odin.


Some time ago, an action figure of King Valkyrie from Marvel Legends had hinted that Zeus, played by Russel Crowe, would be one of the villains in the movie Love and Thunder. The packaging on the back reads: “When a dangerous new ‘visitor’ threatens the lives of New Asgard, the Valkyrie King is forced to use his sword once more to protect the people from him.” And the word ‘visitor’ in the description seems to refer more to Zeus than to Gorr, who will never appear as a ‘guest’ in New Asgard.


More specifically, in the Spider-Man: No Way Home movie, there is also an Easter egg that supports this theory. At one scene in the movie, a news headline wrote that “New Asgard politics was interrupted by a figure with the initials Z.” Based on these various implied facts, it appears that Zeus has long been a thorn in New Asgard. Especially after Thor handed over the power of New Asgard to Valkyrie, who has now become their king. Since the issue at hand is about politics, perhaps Zeus wants to claim that he is the true god of Earth.


Zeus, Mighty Thor’s first enemy in Thor 4?

Based on what is seen in the new Love and Thunder trailer, the theory about Zeus as a villain seems to have begun to reveal itself. In one of the trailers, Thor and his friends are seen going to a floating city, using a boat pulled by two Asgardian goats, Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder. The place that seems magical and luxurious seems to be the seat of Zeus, that is, Olympus. Then, in the next scene, Jane Foster, aka Mighty Thor, is seen fighting a group of gold-armored troops who appear to be Zeus’s men.


And even more interesting, Mighty Thor had said “he was my first ‘enemy,'” referring to Zeus himself. If it is true that Zeus is the first enemy of his, it seems that the movie Love and Thunder will show how strong Mighty Thor is in the battle of Olympus. The presence of Thor and his friends on Olympus seems to be trying to settle the dispute between New Asgard and Olympus. And to achieve that, he inevitably has to face a fellow god, in this case Zeus appears as the villain.


In the latest trailer trailer, even Zeus clearly humiliated Thor by stripping him naked in front of many people. In addition to appearing as the first villain, Zeus’ presence in Love and Thunder also has the potential to continue the story later on. Because Zeus could be one of the victims of Gorr the God Butcher’s ferocity. Which ultimately led to the Valkyrie King obtaining Zeus’s lightning weapon to fight Gorr, as seen in the trailer.


That’s the discussion about the Zeus figure having the potential to become a villain in the Love and Thunder movie later on. What do you think, geeks, is it true that Zeus will become a villain? And is it true that this almighty god of Olympus will become a victim of Gorr the God Butcher? We’ll only get a taste of the truth, when the Thor 4 movie hits theaters on July 8.