Seulgi (Red Velvet) and the conspiracy theory in “28 Reasons”, every corner is as beautiful as a movie

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Famous for her natural choreography and unique voice color, Seulgi (Red Velvet) also made fans “goosebumps” with her extreme role-playing ability for the first trailer introducing her first mini-album as a female singer. solo artist.

“Fighting” with a video trailer like a horror movie, Seulgi opened fire for her solo debut to the surprise of fans. The female idol makes viewers shudder because of 28 Reasons ‘ strange acting and concept .

Confirmed as the next member of the “Red Velvet” group to go solo not long ago, Seulgi has made the online community “guess” the concept that she will pursue for this solo debut . Many netizens have predicted that Seulgi will transform into goddess images with strong charisma and strong charisma – Seulgi’s “invincible” concept in every public appearance.

Known as Red Velvet’s “fans”, Seulgi always knows how to impress with her charm.

However, not as loving as Wendy or nostalgic as Joy, the first “lonely alone” in Seulgi’s career was filled with the color of mystery mixed with a bit of horror. It’s only the first video introduced, but Seulgi has made fans extremely excited with new images that have never been seen in the female idol before.

Scenes that make viewers surprised by Seulgi’s “playable” action

However , not in the reckless action scenes, the main factor that makes the audience “crazy” in the video is the quaintness and a series of cinematic segments. Opening with the scene with a creepy whistling sound, Seulgi appeared with scenes that made viewers think that she was about to debut as an actress for a horror movie.

Many people even joked that she kept the fan ‘s stance that: “Idol Red Velvet, not afraid of ghosts, no respect”!

A series of creepy conspiracy theories were also speculated by fans right after Seulgi’s trailer was released. Seulgi cut her fingernails in the trailer, the scene is dark maybe night, plus the background music is a whistling sound. According to Asian oral tradition, these actions are taboo at night.

Seulgi appears in different contexts, the mood also changes constantly. Fans speculated that the female idol might transform into a multi-personality person, suffering and taking revenge on the bad guys who harmed her.

From the background to the charisma and expression of Seulgi, all of them make fans “grilled”.

Impressed by the cinematic atmosphere in the premiere trailer , Seulgi “bombarded” the Twitter platform when topping the trend in the US as well as reaching the Top in 27 countries and territories after only a few hours. The keyword “Seulgi” also landed at No. 2 on Top Global Trends, showing the great anticipation of the public with her thoughtful debut as a solo artist .