“Serious Kep1er Land” original content is now available on TELASA


The first original content linked to TV Asahi’s program “Serious Kep1er Land” by Kep1er has started distribution on the video distribution service TELASA .

“Serious Kep1er Land” broadcast on April 1st and 15th is the first crown program for Kep1er, with Takashi Yoshimura ( Heisei Nobushi Kobushi ) and Shinobu Hasegawa ( Sisonne ) serving as MCs. In the original content, Kep1er members put on rare sweets and challenge the gesture game, “Pedometer Count Up” where they move for 30 seconds while wearing a pedometer and compete for the number of counts. In addition, Youngwoon will not appear in the original content.

TELASA also broadcasts programs in which Kep1er has appeared in the past, titled “If you want to see Kep1er, TELASA! ‘Terasa Spring Kep1er SPECIAL!'”.