Series Review The Dragon Prince Season 3 Fantasy World and Interracial Conflict


Author Avatar: The Last Airbender , Aaron Ehasz back with The Dragon Prince Season 3 on Netflix. This fantasy story tells of two brothers Ezran and Callum who want to return the Dragon Prince’s egg assisted by an elf named Rayla. First released in 2018, the third season brings an even more epic story with increasingly refined graphics.

In the previous season, Ezran decided to return to Catholicism to become king after his father’s death. After ascending the throne, Ezran tried to quell the heated political situation. His wish for peace is opposed by Kasef, the son of the Neoland kingdom who wants to avenge the death of his father who was killed by an elf from Xadia.

The Dragon Prince Season 3 also continues the adventures of Callum and Rayla crossing into the magical world of Xadia. Their journey draws closer to returning the Dragon Prince, Zym, to his mother, the Dragon Queen. Hoping to get help from other Moonshadow elf races, it turns out that Rayla also has to face the harsh reality related to her own race.

On the other hand, Lord Viren gets help from Avaron to regain his powers. He also managed to deceive his children, Claudia and Soren, and help him fight the Elf army. The third season concludes with an impressive large-scale battle between humans and elves.

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The plot heats up
The Dragon Prince Season 3 brings back the epic tale of elves, giant dragons, and the ancient feud between the human races and the creatures Xadia. Nine new episodes take the story deeper and open up the colorful world of Xadia. In terms of story development, there are several secrets that are finally revealed.

All characters continue to grow, where this season begins with the backdrop of the feud of King Harrow, Lord Viren, and the Dragon King. Some show what happened to the Dragon King, Zym’s father. In addition, Villads further reveals who Avaros really is, the mysterious elf who was locked in a room in the second season.

The plot starts to heat up, even from the very first episode. Where Ezran who now leads Katolis must face Prince Kasef who wants to take revenge for his father’s death. Callum and Rayla’s relationship develops. Where the audience will be faced with more romantic stories.

True, each season of The Dragon Prince series only has 9 episodes. But enough to tell the complete story in the Callum and Rayla arc in Xadia. Ending various journeys and adventures over three seasons, but the story is far from over. Offers a satisfying ending, but some unanswered questions and an interesting cliffhanger .

Artwork and characters that are constantly evolving
One thing that is interesting about Dragon Prince is the character development. The story is not just about black and white or evil against good. Like Aaron Ehasz’s other works, for example Avatar: The Last Airbender, which becomes a complex narrative where evil and good are not always as clear as they seem.

Most of the characters are complex personalities. Like Claudia and Soren. The two of them weren’t antagonists from the start. They are loyal to their father. Even Lord Viren is more complex than just an “evil wizard trying to conquer the world”. His desire to be the strongest and his ambition to beat Xadia have their own reasons which are explained in this third season.

The animation continues to grow. Although there are some differences that are not too significant compared to the first and second seasons. Movement and landscapes become more beautiful and colorful as the audience is brought into Xadia with its various magical creatures.

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The animators at Wonderstorm Studio, where the series was produced, have continued to improve image quality. Xadia is described as a place full of wonders and filled with diverse creatures. For example, tiny, furry creatures called Adoraburrs are adorable. As well as the emergence of various new locations plus a Lord of the Rings scale battle scene.

Despite having appeared in the second season, Dragon Prince finally showed the Sunfire Elf and Skywing Elf. They all come with different magic and accents. The Sunfire Elf can be said to represent the French nation. Meanwhile, Moonshadow Elf, like Rayla, comes from Scotland with a thick British accent.

Message of diversity and representation
In early November, fans of The Dragon Prince were rocked by allegations that Aaron Ehasz created a female-unfriendly environment in Netflix’s animation development and in his former position. He is claimed to have ignored and belittled his female employees. Several fans expressed their intention not to watch the series.

Ironically, the third season of The Dragon Prince grapples with a question fans of the series may have: how do you respond to the wrongdoings of your loved ones? Ehasz’s mistake could have made The Dragon Prince lose its popularity. However, it would be a shame if one person’s mistake overlooks the efforts made by all the crew on duty at Wonderstorm Studio.

The message conveyed that the healthiest and most courageous way to deal with the mistakes of others is to leave the bad things behind to move forward. The entire team continues to deliver epic fantasy and character developments that are constantly evolving, emphasizing ethnic and religious diversity.

Most conflicts are related to politics. Represents how the younger generation has to deal with ego and the thirst for power. Although as in the real world; not all young characters want peace. The characters of children and adolescents have to deal with the problems caused by their parents and are also accused of it.

This series still presents a heavy theme with a light story and is filled with comedy from beginning to end. Considering The Dragon Prince is intended for all ages. Kids can enjoy amazing animations and fantasy. While the story of the magical world is not as shallow as it seems.

Not only describing adventures in a fantasy world, The Dragon Prince season 3 presents various representations of problems that are often encountered in the real world today. The plot is indeed more complex, but still easy to digest. So are the characters in the story. Evolved with Wonderstorm Studios quality animation and epic final battles.