Seo Yea Ji’s ‘Crazy’ Acting on Eve Reaps Debate


Seo Yea Ji is in the spotlight about her acting in the Korean drama Eve. He plays Lee Ra El who wants to avenge him.
Ra El is told to be involved in the divorce of a South Korean conglomerate family. This Korean drama has an unpredictable storyline.

Even so, Seo Yea Ji’s acting in the latest episode drew debate among netizens. It is told that Ra El was angry because of Han So Ra’s (Yoo Seon) provocation and threatened Jang Moon Hee (Lee Il Hwa) who betrayed him.

While talking to Jang Moon Hee, Lee Ra El seemed emotional and couldn’t hold back her tears. He showed a sharp expression while trying to strangle himself :

Seo Yea Ji’s acting received mixed responses from netizens. Especially after Lee Ra El’s voice changed because of her acting in that scene, many felt it was too much.

“I even saw his acting comical,” said one netizen.

“Suddenly his voice changed like using helium gas,” added another.

Even so, not a few also praised Seo Yea Ji ‘s acting . Many also praised the storyline of the Korean drama Eve.

“I really like Eve,” said another viewer.

“I think this is the best drama right now,” added another.

Eve has been criticized since the first episode aired. One of them is about the sex scenes shown in the first episode.

Even though bed scenes are not new in Korean dramas, many are concerned about where the scenes are done.

It is said, Jang Jin Wook and Lee Rael had a husband-wife relationship backstage after appearing on an event for kindergarten. This makes drakor Eve get negative comments from the public.

Even so, Eve still shows a pretty good rating. Even Seo Yea Ji is the most talked about actress right now.